Q&A With Author Rachael Herron!

Today’s feature post is my Q&A with author Rachael Herron! In celebration of Rachael’s newly released novel The Songbird’s Call as part of the Songbird’s Of Darling Day series. Welcome to Talking Books Blog Rachael!


What was the most difficult aspect to write in the series so far?

Strangely (and this is SO weird), this series has been a joy to write. Usually I struggle like crazy with first drafts, and I wander around the house cussing and moaning like a mad woman, but these books are just so fun to write. I love these women, three strong, country-singing sisters whose band broke up a long time ago. In the process of finding their way back to each other, they each find love along the way. The hardest part is that all three of them are songwriters, so I’ve had to add songwriting as a skill to my toolbox. And while that’s difficult, I’m intrigued by how interesting songwriting is as a genre. Bonus!


Which character was the most challenging to write about in The Songbird’s Call?

The sheriff was easy. I spent many years working in a police department, so I know how cops work and think. The hard part was writing Molly. I wanted to make sure I got her right. She’s a zaftig woman, with very real curves. And in fact, during her entire professional singing career, she got a lot of bad press about her weight. In the book, she’s still not a slim girl, and in fact, that’s one of the things the sheriff loves best about her. But I wanted to make sure I got it all right – it was important to me that she loved herself first, before she could love anyone else.


What are you favourite stand out reads and why?

My own books are contemporary, but they are set on the western coast of California. I’m a big Western buff, and right now I’m enjoying a book called Sawbones, by Melissa Lenhardt, about a female doctor in the Old West. It’s raw and very lovely. I also devour anything Sherry Thomas, Eloisa James, or Kristan Higgins writes. They’re my auto-buys.


What inspires you to write fiction?

For 17 years, I was a 911 dispatcher (while writing books at the same time). I think that hearing the beginning of so many awful stories made me want to fix them, fictionally. By taking emergency calls, I also learned that love always sounds the same, no matter what language is spoken. In every culture, love is the most important thing of all, and that’s a beautiful thing. I love bringing that background to my books, not only in the tale of romance, but the story of family, too.


What can readers expect next in the series?

Right now, I’m working on Lana’s story. She’s the youngest daughter, the prodigal one, and she’s reluctantly come home to her sisters. She has an attitude and I’m really enjoying the way she’s landing on the page. Lana makes me laugh with her sheer stubborn streak. She keeps surprising me, and in return I like surprising her with her hero, Taft Hill, who brooks none of her nonsense, nosiree. He comes to town to buy some more songs from her, but ends up changing her tune, instead. I love it when characters go head-to-head, when each of their flaws become visible, when all of their strengths complement each other and make each other stronger.


About The Songbird’s Call by Rachael Herron

The story of the three Darling sisters continues in this sparkling romantic comedy of love, courage and finding your own voice.

Once Adele, Molly and Lana were the Darling Songbirds, a world-famous country TheSongbirdsCallRachaelHerronband. Now they are just three sisters who barely speak. But that is about to change. Because their uncle has bequeathed them his business, the Golden Spike – a struggling bar, a rundown cafe and a near derelict hotel in Darling Bay.

With Adele settled as proprietor of the bar, middle sister Molly arrives in town, and is immediately drawn to the neglected little cafU where she worked as a teenager. Could she – dare she – bring it back to life?

As lead singer, Molly had always been the ‘voice’ of the band. Yet, caught between controlling big sis Adele and demanding baby sister Lana, she never felt she was being heard. If she’s going to reopen the cafU, she’ll do it on her own terms. She won’t be bossed around again.

So the last person she should fall for is the handsome Sheriff Colin McMurty – the man whose job it is to tell people exactly what to do . . .”

Release Date:  August 29, 2016
Imprint:  Bantam Australia
RRP:  $32.99

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The Songbird’s Of Darling Day Series

TheDarlingSongbirds_RachaelHerron_RandomHouseAus  TheSongbirdsCallRachaelHerron


About Rachael Herron

Working full time from a fire station in the San Francisco Bay area, Rachael has been a 911 fire/medical dispatcher for 15 years now. Working on a two-day-on, four-day-off roster, it’s a job she loves, as it gives her plenty of downtime to pursue what she describes as her ‘career and calling’, writing.

You may think a job such as hers would expose Rachael to a world of despair; instead she finds it inspiring. ‘I get a window into the human condition every time I answer the phone! I’ve learned that grief sounds the same in every language, and more, that love does, too. I’ve heard people do extreme, amazing things in the name of love, and that love spreads to strangers, often. It’s truly incredible, what people will do to help others. I can go from giving CPR instructions to a husband working on his elderly wife right into coaching a dad into catching his new son as he’s born.’

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Hollywood Demon by Jenny Schwartz

Happy new release to author Jenny Schwartz! Hollywood Demon, the sixth book in The Collegium series is available now!

I really liked reading about Clancy and Mark’s characters in Hollywood Demon, the latest instalment in the Collegium series by author Jenny Schwartz. Clancy and Mark’s rekindled friendship from years past, and newly simmering attraction mixed with their joint efforts to eradicate the mysterious demon were entertaining from the start. A few curly moments and surprises in the story along with some twists that were attention grabbing. Appearances from characters in previous books in the Collegium series added a few more memorable moments in an already entertaining story. A story that was enjoyable from one page to the next.
Review copy received from the Author for an honest rating


About Hollywood Demon by Jenny Schwartz

Feel the Earth move!

A camera can’t steal your soul—but a demon can! Mark Yarren suspects a demon
HollywoodDemon_JennySchwartzhas found a way around the spell his great-grandfather cast to prevent demons sucking souls through the camera’s lens. Digital photography dangerously omits the silver wash that was photography’s century-old defence against Hell.

Mark is Hollywood royalty, descended from the early Hollywood stars: the studio bosses and directors, the producers and actresses. Now he lives alone in his palatial Beverly Hills estate.

Well, not quite alone.

Clancy Ramirez is back! She’s tried life in New York, in Iceland, and in Hawaii, but she missed California. She missed the grumbling roar of the San Andreas Fault with its leagues-deep molten geology. Clancy is a geomage and she can make the earth shake—or grow still. But California isn’t her territory. She has no place intruding or tapping its energy.

But a demon shackled for a century is breaking free, and Collegium rules, old heartaches and strained family loyalties will break, too.

The Big One is coming.

“Hollywood Demon” is a completely stand-alone novel in “The Collegium” series.

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The Collegium Series

DemonHunter_JennySchwartz DjinnJustice_JennySchwartz DragonKnight_JennySchwartz2 DoctorWolf_JennySchwartz2 PlagueCult_JennySchwartz2 HollywoodDemon_JennySchwartz


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Excerpt Spotlight! Indecent Proposal by Katee Robert

Today’s feature post is an early excerpt reveal for Katee Robert’s upcoming novel Indecent Proposal, available August 30!



Excerpt – Indecent Proposal by Katee Robert

Which only served to make her feel more awkward. Olivia threw up her hands. “I don’t know how to do this.”

“Do what?”

“This.” She motioned between the two of them. “This isn’t normal.”

He laughed again, quieter this time. “What does normal look like?” When she would have balked, he held out his hand. “Sit down. You’re making me twitchy with all the pacing. I’m not laughing at you. I’m laughing at the absurdity of this entire situation. So humor me and tell me what normal looks like.”

She didn’t know. That was the problem. Olivia wasn’t sure she’d recognize normal if it hit her in the face. But she wasn’t quite willing to share with Cillian exactly how messed up her childhood had been, outstanding chemistry or not. She inched closer to the bed and perched on the edge, but even with three feet between them, she felt like a lightning rod to his storm, full of vibrating energy and impending boom. She pulled at the edge of her T-shirt. “You know—we’d meet somewhere normal.”
“We met at a bar.”

“Most relationships don’t start in a bar.” She realized what she said and shoved to her feet. “Strike that. I didn’t mean relationship. I just…” Not sure what she was trying to say, she charged on. “Maybe a coffee shop. You’d be behind me in line and say something witty, and I’d laugh and you’d spend the next ten minutes charming me until I gave you my number.”

She was almost afraid to look at him and see his expression. His silence said it all. “That’s stupid, isn’t it?”

“No, not at all. It sounds nice.”

Olivia faced him. “You’re humoring me.”

“Sit down.” He waited for her to obey before he spoke again. “I’m not. It does sound nice.” He carefully leaned back against the headboard. “So I charm your number out of you, huh? I must be pretty charming.”

She shot him a look. “In this scenario, yes.”

Cillian laughed. “Then I’d call you.”

She edged over to sit on the other side of the mattress against the headboard. It was such a silly thing they were doing, but after how intense the rest of the night had been, maybe silly was exactly what they both needed. “A call instead of a text? I must have made an impression.”

“More like I was determined to make the right impression. Texts are lazy, and you can’t get a good read on someone that way. So I’d call.”

She hadn’t spent much time dating…well, ever, really…but even she knew that was different from the norm. “I’d think you were a freak for calling, but I’d answer because I was intrigued.”

“We’d talk for a while, feeling each other out.”

“More like me trying to figure out if you’re a psycho.”

He grinned. “Or that. I’d say all the things a normal guy would say. You’d be reassured that I wasn’t likely to chloroform you and chain you up in my torture-slash-sex dungeon.”


“It would be, yes.”

She laughed softly. “We’d set up a date at the end of the call.”

“Somewhere nice and public and nonthreatening.”

“Now you’re getting the idea.” She stared at the ceiling, part of her kind of weirded out at how well the conversation was flowing with him playing along. “Dinner, no movie. Movies are for people who are too intimidated by the thought of first-date conversation that they chicken out.”

“The conversation would be titillating.”

“You think so?” She rolled onto her side to face him, finding that he’d done the same. His bandage was a vivid reminder of why they were there in the first place. Olivia frowned. “How’re you feeling?”

“That’s not part of the game.” He yawned. “So we’d drink pretentious wine that neither one of us liked and order things that we could barely pronounce and, at the end of it, we’d sheepishly admit that we didn’t like either the drinks or the food, and we’d go find a food truck and laugh at ourselves.”

When a no strings attached arrangement turns into something more, Cillian O’Malley and Olivia Rashidi must overcome the family ties that bind them. Fans of Jackie Ashenden’s Make You Mine and Kresley Cole’s The Master, will devour the super steamy and fast paced third book, An Indecent Proposal in the wildly popular O’ Malley series by NYT and USA Today Bestselling Author Katee Robert.


About Indecent Proposal by Katee Robert

Greed. Ambition. Violence. Those are the “values” Olivia Rashidi learned from her Russian mob family-and the values she must leave behind for the sake of her TheIndecentProposal_KateeRobertdaughter. When she meets Cillian O’Malley, she recognizes the red flag of his family name . . . yet she still can’t stop herself from seeing the smoldering, tortured man. To save her family, Olivia sets out to discover Cillian’s own secrets, but the real revelation is how fast-and how hard-she’s falling for him.

Plagued by a violent past, Cillian is more vulnerable than anyone realizes. Anyone except Olivia, whose beauty, compassion, and pride have him at “hello,” even if she’s more inclined to say good-bye to an O’Malley. While his proposal of sex with no strings seems simple, what he feels for her isn’t, especially after he learns that she belongs to a rival crime family. Cillian knows that there is no escape from the life, but Olivia may be worth trying and dying for . . .

Title: An Indecent Proposal
Author: Katee Robert
Series: The O’Malley Series #3
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: August 30, 2016
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing- Forever

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About The Author

New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Katee Robert learned to tell her KateeRobertstories at her grandpa’s knee. She found romance novels at age twelve and it changed her life. When not writing sexy contemporary and speculative fiction romance novels, she spends her time playing imaginary games with her wee ones, driving her husband batty with what-if questions, and planning for the inevitable zombie apocalypse.

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Book Spotlight! The Fighting Season by Bram Connolly

Today’s feature post is The Fighting Season by author Bram Connolly, available now!

The novel The Fighting Season from author Bram Connolly had me asking the question “who to trust?” in a story that has its share of twists with intense moments in an often busy read. Head spinning action, gruesome details and shocking battlefield details. Unmissable reading from the first to the last page.
Review copy received from Allen & Unwin Australia for an honest rating


About The Fighting Season by Bram Connolly

An explosive thriller from the heart of Afghanistan

Outside the wire, Uruzghan Province, Afghanistan, 2010…

TheFightingSeason_Bram_Connolly_BookCoverIn the badlands of central Afghanistan an Australian Special Forces platoon is fatally hit by a roadside bomb.

A shadowy Taliban commander, codenamed ‘Rapier’, is identified as responsible for the deadly attack. Matt Rix, the ultra tough commando who led the ambushed platoon, swears vengeance. Rix is one of Special Forces’ most lethal operators. He’ll neutralise Rapier – whatever it takes.

But in Afghanistan’s brutal war, not all things are as they seem.

Category: Crime & Mystery
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Imprint: Allen & Unwin
Pub Date: August 2016
Page Extent: 336
Subject: Thriller / suspense

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Praise for The Fighting Season by Bram Connolly

‘The Fighting Season is military fiction of the first order: as tough as nails and packed with the insider knowledge of someone who has done it for real.’ – Matthew Reilly

‘Action packed, gritty and authentic to the core.’ – Merrick Watts


About The Author

BramConnelly_AuthorPic_AllenandUnwinAs a Special Forces officer, Bram Connolly served several tours in Afghanistan and was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal for leadership in combat. He takes you deep into the world of high-intensity combat few have experienced.

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The Earl’s Return by Callie Hutton

Happy new release to author Callie Hutton for The Earl’s Return, the seventh book in The Marriage Mart Mayhem series, available now!

The Earl’s Return by Callie Hutton had some scandalous moments, intrigue, shocks, tension, betrayal and attraction. Mary and Redgrave had all of these moments and emotions to face in the story and each portrayed scene within entertained from one chapter to the next. I liked their characters from the start. Both Mary and Redgrave having the opportunity of a second chance in a rather unforgiving society/time. An enjoyable story that pulled at the heartstrings. I could not put this book down and the read went fast, and past character visits from within the series was another highlight to an already enchanting read. The Earl’s Return was an enjoyable finale to the Marriage Mart Mayhem series from author Callie Hutton.
Review copy received from Entangled Publishing for an honest ratin


About The Earl’s Return by Callie Hutton

London, 1819. Four years ago, Darius, the Earl of Redgrave fled London two weeks TheEarlsReturn_CallieHutton_EntangledPublishingbefore his wedding to Lady Mary’s sister and married another woman. Now a widower, he has returned to seek a new wife.
One woman catches his eye . . .

At first, Lady Mary doesn’t recognize the handsome lord as the cad who ran out on her sister. After giving him the cut direct in a London ballroom, she finds herself running into him everywhere she goes, and fighting a forbidden attraction. Not only has Mary sworn off men, Redgrave is so very wrong for her. But she cannot stop thinking of his kisses. Redgrave means to stay away from Mary but it is impossible. Passion between two people who can never be together is a dangerous game.

Title: The Earl’s Return
Series: Marriage Mart Mayhem, #7
Author: Callie Hutton
Genre: Historical Romance, Regency
Length: 267 pages
Imprint: Scandalous

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The Marriage Mart Mayhem Series

theelusivewife thedukesquandary theladysdisgrace thebaronsbetrayal thehighlanderschoice TheHighlandersAccidentalMarriage 



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