Ask Me No Questions by Shirley Wine – Book Review!

Today’s feature post is the newest release novel from author Shirley Wine, Ask Me No Questions.

There was so much I liked about this story and much that was questionable. The read was a non stop emotional twirl of heartache, outrage, simmering chemistry with second chances high on the list of maybes. This is the second book in the series from author Shirley Wine. So many likeable characters, but many reactions by some of them were often dubious and many times over the characters were so hot and cold towards each other it often left this reader mystified in many chapters throughout the story. A tumble of feelings for this story but the likeability of some of the characters/moments won out in the end.
Review copy received from Escape Publishing for an honest rating


About Ask Me No Questions by Shirley Wine

Shirley Wine takes us back to Darkhaven, where secrets and scandals can’t stay hidden for long…

AskMeNoQuestions_ShirleyWine_EscapePublishingTen years ago Logan Sinclair vanished, abandoning his home, his family and the prosperous racing stud of Darkhaven — and Piper Daintry, whose love he once shared.

Now that he’s returned, Logan is greeted with suspicion and distrust — the good people of Cambridge have long memories and he quickly discovers he can’t escape the ghosts of his past, the woman he left behind, or the grief that threatens to bring him to his knees…

He’s heard it said often enough that you can never return home…and Logan quickly comes to realise that he may have compounded his mistakes by doing exactly that. Will learning his secrets push Piper further away, or will he get a second chance at love?

Release date: 15/06/2016
Genre: Contemporary
Imprint: Escape Publishing
Pagination: 280

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