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We feature Eliza Redgold, Author of the new release book Hide & Seek, book two of the Senses series…


Welcome To Talking Books Eliza!

Can you tell us a bit about your book…

It’s about the birds and the bees…
Hope Buchanan runs Hot Tropics Bird Sanctuary in steamy Broome, Western Australia. When American hotel developer Sullivan O’Dare arrives and threatens the birds’ natural habitat, she’ll fight him any way she can … but is her heart really in it? Or has it taken flight?

Which character was the most challenging to write from the story and why?

Exes are tricky, in real life and in fiction!
The character most challenging to write in Hide and Seek was Sullivan’s ex-girlfriend. It’s all too easy to ‘villainize’ an ex. She needed to show both bad and good aspects – otherwise the hero would never have gone out with her!

What inspired you to become an Author?

I fell in love with reading. Writing is the other side of the coin, I guess. I’m one of those people who would walk home from school while reading a book, not really looking where they were going. Now I wander around in the same way with my e-reader too.J

What is your all time favourite book and Author and why?

Just one?
Then it would have to be Persuasion by Jane Austen. I know Pride and Prejudice usually wins all the prizes, but the letter the hero writes to the heroine at the end of Persuasion is the most romantic thing I’ve ever read.

Can you discuss any up and coming projects in the works?

Hide and Seek is number two in my ‘senses series’ of contemporary Australian romances for Harlequin Escape Publishing. They’re so much fun to write.
The first in the series was Black Diamonds, set in the world of delicious truffles. It focused on taste.
Hide and Seek, with its bird-watching theme, was all about sight.
The next in the series is a novella I’m currently working on called Wild Flower. You guessed it – all about scent.
I’m also thrilled to say I’ve got a full-length historical novel coming out in 2015 with St Martin’s Press called NAKED. It’s a bold new telling of the legend of Lady Godiva.

Thank you for your time on Talking Books Blog today Eliza!

My pleasure! Your blog is terrific.


About Eliza Redgold

imageEliza Redgold is an author, academic and unashamed romantic. By day a mild-mannered university lecturer with a PhD, by night she is a wild-mannered writer of a collection of contemporary romances with an Australian theme. You can find Eliza Redgold on Facebook.

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Books In The Senses Series

Black Diamonds


A small Australian farmer battles an enigmatic French magnate in a world of exotic locations, luxurious tastes, and the most expensive flavour in the world. For fans of Emma Darcy and Lynne Graham.

Earth’s black diamonds… 

Truffles are known as one the most powerful aphrodisiacs on the planet, but when Australian truffle farmer Jacaranda Riley meets Xavier Antoine, owner of a French truffle empire, she gets more on her plate than desire.

But does the man who has taken her heart secretly plan to take her home and business too?

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Hide & Seek


He thought he knew all there was to know about the birds and the bees, but he’s about to get schooled.

A little birdie tells Hope Buchanan that American hotel developer Sullivan O’Dare isn’t just in town for a holiday. As the manager of Hot Tropics Bird Sanctuary, Hope has more than a vested interest in protecting natural habitats.

Hope pulls out all the stops to convince Sullivan to come out with her to the WA bush, with its beautiful trees and unique wildlife. Surely the stunning scenery and a dose of ‘Broome time’ will show him what is at stake.  But what is initially about saving the Sanctuary soon becomes about finding a connection. Could it be that Hope has finally found the bird of a feather to form her own flock?

AmazonUS  |  B&N  |  Escape Publishing  |  Goodreads  |  AmazonAU





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