New Release! The Right Ranger by Donna Michaels

Haley Wagner’s life just got a lot more complicated. As if turning her struggling ranch around isn’t tough enough, she’s forced to call him for help. With his hard eyes and even harder body, Cord is an irritatingly sexy contradiction of hot and cold. How can she possibly hide her embarrassing secret when just looking at Cord is a combustible event?

Former Army Ranger Cord Brannigan has a secret, too. He promised his fallen teammate he’d protect the tempting, fiercely independent Haley from a distance, but now they’re stuck together for three weeks. Alone. Keeping his hands off will take every ounce of control he can muster. And that control is slipping…

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New Release! Talk British To Me by Robin Bielman

Talk British To Me by author Robin Bielman was a read full of emotion, likeable main characters with some laughter added to the mix. Teague and Mateo were perfectly matched in this story and were a joy to read. A great series starter from Ms Bielman.
Review copy received from Entangled Publishing via Netgalley


About Talk British To Me by Robin Bielman

As the Dating Guy on L.A.’s top morning show, I give the single guy’s perspective on dating, love, and sex—and I give great advice. Everyone’s hooking up…well, except for me. Sure, I can get any woman I want, but I’ve got a “no relationship” clause in my contract and the only woman I want has “relationship” written all over her. Probably stamped on her ass, too. And wouldn’t I like to confirm that.

Unfortunately, she wants nothing to do with me. At all. Something about the next Ice Age might have even come up in her rebuttal. Adorable. Because she’s determined to ignore what one simple kiss proved: she wants me as badly as I want her.

Everything in me is screaming to go after her, but I’ve got a secret that I’m fairly certain will end up with her roasting my nuts over an open fire. So, job on the line? Check. Nuts on the line? Check. Can’t get her out of my head? Nail…meet coffin. But what a way to go…

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Dating You, Hating You by Christina Lauren

Dating You, Hating You by authors Christina Lauren was a story that did not disappoint. Evie and Carter were a treat to read and the secondary characters equally so. I laughed-out-loud so many times throughout the story. 😀  The initial tug-o-war element between Evie and Carter had some hilarious dialogue and heartfelt, passionate moments that added numerous dimensions to the read. Another stand-out book to add to the fave reads list.
Review copy received from Hachette Books Australia via Netgalley


About Dating You, Hating You by Christina Lauren

Sabotage is a dish best served naked

The first standalone romance by Christina Lauren, the #1 bestselling author of Beautiful Bastard, is a smart, sexy and compulsively readable love story about what happens when the one you want is the one who’s in the way . . .

Despite a meet-awkward at a mutual friend’s party, Carter and Evie immediately hit it off. Even the realization that they’re both high-powered agents at competing firms in Hollywood isn’t enough to smother the flames.

But when their two agencies merge – causing the pair to vie for the same position – all bets are off. What could have been a beautiful, blossoming romance turns into an all-out war. Carter and Evie are both thirty-something professionals – so why can’t they act like it?

When push comes to shove and love fights with hate, will these two ever get their fairy tale Hollywood ending?

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New Release! Trusting Bryson by Melanie Shawn

For Bryson O’Sullivan, Wishing Well was home. He had a good life with his family and friends but the sexy Irish-Texan knew something was missing and he found it when he laid eyes on her…

Kelsi Robbins was ready to do what no one had ever done for her; make someone else priority number one. And as new guardian for her younger brother Milo, she had enough to worry about. Which meant that falling for him was out of the question…or was it?

He wants nothing more than to be there for her, and she has to be there for someone else, but when love enters the picture, Kelsi will have to decide if Trusting Bryson is worth it all.

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Wishing Well, Texas Series

TeasingDestiny_MelanieShawn ConvincingCara_MelanieShawn2    


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New Release! Dear Banjo by Sasha Wasley

Happy new book release to author Sasha Wasley!

Dear Banjo was a bumpy ride for the characters, but best friends Willow and Tom were an unmissable read. Complicated, heartfelt and challenging, their antics made for some entertaining reading from start to finish.
Review copy received from Penguin Random House


About Dear Banjo by Sasha Wasley

They were best friends who were never meant to fall in love – but for one of them, it was already way too late.

Willow ‘Banjo’ Paterson and Tom Forrest were raised on neighbouring cattle stations in the heart of the Kimberley. As young adults, sharing the same life dreams, something came between them that Willow cannot forget. Now ten years have passed since she’s even spoken to Tom.

When her father falls ill, Willow is called home to take over the running of the family property, Paterson Downs. Her vision for a sustainable, organic cattle station is proving hard to achieve. She needs Tom’s help, but is it too late, and all too complicated, to make amends?

Tom’s heartfelt, decade-old letters remain unopened and unmentioned between them, and Willow must find the courage to finally read them. Their tattered pages reveal a love story like no other – and one you’ll never forget.

Dear Banjo is a wildly romantic and utterly captivating story about first love and second chances from an exciting new Australian author.

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