Discover the Fun with TOWO Stacking Boxes – Our Review

Welcome to our review of the TOWO ⁣Wooden Stacking Boxes-Nesting and Sorting Cups Blocks for Toddlers. As parents who are ⁣always on the lookout for quality⁢ educational toys for our little ones, we were excited ‍to try out⁤ these ‌Montessori-inspired stacking cubes. Made from high-quality wood and designed for optimal learning, these stacking boxes offer both fun and educational value for toddlers aged 2 years and above.

With ten colorful boxes ​of varying sizes, children can stack them up‍ to ⁤create a ‌tower that reaches an impressive 115 cm tall. When playtime is over, the ‍boxes nest⁢ inside each‌ other for ​easy storage, measuring just 15.5 ​centimeters in height. Not only is stacking and nesting enjoyable for kids,​ but it also helps ⁢them learn about sizes, weight, and improve their hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

TOWO, or⁢ Toys of Wood Oxford, is⁤ a brand known for its ‍fine ⁣quality, design-led, traditional, fun, and educational wooden toys. With a focus on safety ⁤and sustainability, all TOWO products meet the criteria set by the EC Toy Safety Directive, ASTM F963, and CPSIA Standards. As parents, we appreciate the peace of mind that comes with knowing our children are playing with safe and environmentally friendly toys.

In our review, ‌we will dive into our hands-on experience with these stacking boxes, exploring their durability, educational value, and overall appeal to both children and parents.⁤ Join us as we share‌ our thoughts on this multifunctional toy that ‍promises hours of learning and fun for your little ones.

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The TOWO Wooden ⁣Stacking⁢ Boxes are not ‍just your typical stacking cups – these are specially designed for Montessori learning, making them educational and fun. The ⁤set includes 10 ‍boxes that ​vary in size, allowing for stacking up to an impressive 115 cm tower and nesting at ⁤15.5 cm for easy storage. As we stack and nest, we also learn about different sizes, weights, and improve​ our hand-eye coordination, enhancing our small motor skills​ in an engaging way.

With ⁤a commitment to ​safety and the environment, TOWO ensures that their wooden toys meet strict ‌standards for toy safety. Made from sustainable ⁢wood⁣ and non-toxic paints, these stacking boxes are safe for ‍little ones to play with. Suitable for children ages 2 and up, the TOWO Wooden Stacking Boxes provide a great early learning experience, perfect for Montessori education. Let’s bring joy⁤ and education into playtime with these multifunctional nesting and sorting cubes – click here to ‌get your set today! Buy now.

Key Features and Benefits

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The TOWO Wooden Stacking Boxes offer a plethora‍ of that make them stand out as a top choice for toddlers’ educational toys. Made from high-quality materials specially ⁢designed for Montessori​ learning, these ten ⁢stacking boxes provide endless fun and learning opportunities. The boxes can be stacked up to create an impressive 115 cm tall tower, allowing children to explore sizes, weight, and hand-eye coordination skills. When playtime is over, the cups can be⁣ nested inside each other at 15.5 centimeters for convenient storage.

At Toys of Wood Oxford (TOWO), we⁢ pride ourselves on providing​ toys ⁤that are not only ⁣fun and educational but also safe ⁤and environmentally friendly. Our wooden stacking boxes are​ made with sustainable wood and non-toxic paints, ensuring that they are safe for children to play with. These toys meet the criteria set by the EC Toy​ Safety Directive, ASTM F963, and CPSIA Standards, and have been tested and certified by International Accredited Labs. With the TOWO Wooden Stacking Boxes, you can trust that you are giving your child a toy that ⁢promotes learning, creativity, and safety. ⁢Explore the endless possibilities ​of these educational toys today and watch your​ child’s‌ imagination and skills soar. So, why wait? ​Get your ​hands on these stacking boxes now on Amazon!

In-depth Analysis and Insights

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When it ⁣comes to the TOWO Wooden Stacking Boxes, there ‍is much more than meets the eye. These ten sturdy boxes are not just any ordinary stacking cups – they are ⁤specially designed for ‌Montessori learning. With the ability to stack up to an impressive 115 cm tower, these boxes provide endless fun for ​toddlers while also helping them learn about sizes, weight, and improving their hand-eye coordination. The nesting feature allows for convenient storage ⁤at just 15.5 centimeters tall, making it ⁣a⁢ practical and‌ educational toy for children aged 2‍ years and above.

What sets the TOWO Wooden Stacking Boxes apart is the brand’s commitment to safety and environmental sustainability. Made with⁣ love and‍ care for both children⁣ and the planet, these wooden toys are crafted from ‌sustainable wood and painted with non-toxic, environmentally friendly​ paints. The toys meet strict safety standards and are certified by international accredited labs, ensuring a safe and educational play experience for ‌kids. With endless possibilities for creative play and learning, the TOWO Wooden Stacking Boxes are a must-have for ‍families looking for high-quality, eco-friendly toys that spark joy‌ and imagination in ⁣children. So, why wait? Get your hands on these ‍educational gems today!

Our ⁤Recommendations

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Looking for a fun and educational toy for ⁢your little one? Look no further! These stacking boxes are not only great ​for stacking and nesting, ⁣but also for learning sizes, weight, and ⁣improving hand-eye coordination and small motor⁤ skills. Made from high-quality wood, these nesting cups are designed specifically ​for Montessori learning, making them a fantastic addition to your child’s toy collection. Plus, ‌you can stack them up to​ make a towering 115 cm structure, providing endless entertainment​ and learning opportunities.

At “Toys of Wood Oxford” (TOWO), we take pride in our‌ fine quality, design-led, traditional, and educational wooden toys. Our​ wooden stacking boxes are no exception. Suitable for children ages 2 and up, these nesting cups are not only fun but also safe and environmentally friendly. Made with sustainable wood and non-toxic paints, our toys meet the⁣ highest safety standards, ‌ensuring that your child can play and learn with peace of mind. So why wait? Click​ the link below to get your hands ‍on these amazing educational toys today! Buy now!

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After analyzing⁤ the customer ‌reviews for‌ the TOWO Wooden Stacking Boxes, we found a mix of positive and negative feedback.

Positive Reviews:

<td>This was a birthday gift for my daughter's second birthday, and she has seriously played with it nearly non-stop every day for over two months now. Ever since we gave it to her she's been obsessed. The boxes are sturdy, the colors are beautiful, and they're easy to stack and unstack. And quite frankly anything that keeps my toddler occupied for that long is a win to me lol. I would definitely recommend!</td>

<td>Great for imagination playing, colorful, wooden. With young kids the edges are ‘pointy’ because they are squared. Our 18-month-old loves them.</td>

<td>Super cute and colorful. Sturdy enough for my one-year-old nephew to use.</td>

<td>I bought this toy as an alternative to the much more expensive Montessori Pink Tower and was really impressed with how high quality this toy and the way my child interacts with it. It was definitely worth the money!</td>

I love the colors and quality of the material. Our daughter has a great ⁢time nesting and stacking the boxes. She uses them to store her toys, as a ‍pretend⁤ tea set, and even⁤ a ramp for her toy cars. They’ve withstood a‍ lot of knocking around and dropping ‌on hardwood floors. These are great!

Negative Reviews:

<td>First, the product is proving enjoyable for my granddaughter. They resemble the description and the photos. I always wash or use non-toxic toy wipes on new toys as I did with this set of blocks. I had no issues until I came to the largest red block. There was also a sharp corner on the same large red block. It was as if a small wood shaving had been painted over. I decided to pull the small piece off as I felt it was too sharp to be left on.</td>

<td>The key is wooden. I bought my grandson the cardboard stacking blocks first knowing they wouldn’t last forever, but perfect for the age he was. Now he’s able to enjoy the wooden blocks for the rest of his younger years!</td>

These are cute but⁤ very ‌cheap materials were used in their manufacturing. The ⁣paint⁣ has scraped off the edges. We very rarely let our kids use these without our supervision. One of our toddlers loves to‌ use ⁢these for stacking. ​We only let her use them when we are ‍around because we don’t⁣ want her to start chewing them because of the paint chipping off. Very cheap. I’d have returned these if ⁣the‌ problems occurred within the time frame of returns.

Overall, the TOWO Wooden Stacking Boxes ⁤have received mostly positive reviews for ‌their durability,⁢ colorful design, and ability to keep children⁣ engaged in ⁤imaginative play. However, some customers have expressed concerns about the quality of ⁤materials ‍used and potential safety hazards,⁤ such as sharp corners and paint chipping off. We recommend ⁤supervising young children while ⁣they ⁣play with these stacking boxes to ensure their safety.

Pros & Cons

Pros & ‍Cons: TOWO Wooden Stacking Boxes


1. Educational Value: Great for learning sizes, weight, and improving⁢ hand-eye coordination.
2. Quality Material: Made from high-quality ⁤wood specially designed for Montessori learning.
3. Environmental Friendly: Made of sustainable wood with non-toxic paints for a safe play environment.
4. ⁣Versatile: Can be used ​for stacking, nesting, counting,⁣ and even as drums or containers by imaginative ⁢kids.
5. Safe and Certified: Meets safety standards and regulations, ensuring a worry-free playtime ​for children.


1. Requires ‌Supervision: Recommended for children 2 years old and above with adult supervision.
2. Limited Age Range: May not ⁣be suitable for older children who are​ looking ⁤for more complex toys.
3. Size Limitation: The stacking height is limited to 115 cm, which may not be challenging for older kids.

Overall, the ‌TOWO Wooden Stacking Boxes offer a fun and educational toy for toddlers, promoting creativity and ⁤learning in a safe and environmentally friendly way. While there⁣ are some limitations, the benefits of this product outweigh the cons, making it a worthwhile addition to a child’s‌ toy collection.


Q: How big are the ⁤TOWO Wooden Stacking Boxes?

A: The biggest cup size measures⁢ 15X15X15 CM (5.9X5.9X5.9 Inches), while ⁢the smallest cubes are 3.3X3.3X3.3 CM (1.3X1.3X1.3 Inches).

Q: What is⁢ the recommended age for this toy?

A: The TOWO Wooden Stacking Boxes are suitable for children aged 2​ years and above. However, it is always advisable for an adult to supervise and enjoy the interaction with ⁤the toy.

Q: Are ⁣these‍ stacking boxes safe for children ⁤to play with?

A:⁣ Yes, the TOWO‌ Stacking Boxes are made from sustainable wood, environmentally friendly and non-toxic paints. They conform to EN71 and CPSA Standard and are certified by International Accredited Labs for safety.

Q: How can children benefit from playing⁢ with the TOWO Stacking Boxes?

A: Children can have fun⁢ stacking and nesting the boxes, while also learning about sizes, weights, and improving their hand-eye coordination and‌ small motor skills. The toy also ‌promotes creative and imaginative play, ⁤as children can ⁣use⁢ the boxes as drums or containers.

Q: How can I store the TOWO Stacking Boxes?

A: The‍ boxes can be stacked up to make a 115 cm tall tower, and they can also‍ nest inside each other at 15.5 centimetres⁢ for easy storage in ⁤the colourful box provided.

We hope this Q&A section has‍ answered any queries you may have about the TOWO Wooden Stacking Boxes. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any more questions or feedback!

Unlock Your Potential

As we come to the⁣ end of our review of the TOWO Wooden Stacking Boxes, we hope that we have given you a clear insight into the fun and educational benefits that these toys can bring to‍ your little ones. With its vibrant colors, sturdy construction, and Montessori-inspired design,‍ this toy is sure ⁢to spark creativity and imagination in your child.

If you are interested in providing your child with ⁣a toy‌ that‍ is not only fun but also safe and environmentally friendly, we highly recommend checking out ⁤the TOWO⁤ Stacking Boxes on Amazon. Click the link below​ to bring home this wonderful educational toy for your little ⁤learner:

Click here to⁤ purchase ⁤the TOWO⁤ Stacking Boxes on Amazon!

Thank you for‌ joining us on‍ this journey of discovery with TOWO. We wish​ you and your child many hours of joy and learning⁣ with this fantastic toy. Until next time,‌ happy​ stacking and nesting!

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