Discover the Perfect Art Companion: Falling in Art Wooden Tabletop Easel

Discover the Perfect Art Companion: Falling in Art Wooden Tabletop Easel

Welcome to​ our review of the Falling in ​Art Wooden Tabletop Easel! We’ve had the pleasure of ⁣using this solid wood sketchbox desktop⁤ easel for painting, and⁣ let us tell ⁢you, it’s a game-changer for both beginners and professionals alike. The‌ adjustable height feature allows you⁣ to find the perfect drawing angle, while the storage compartments keep all your drawing tools organized and easily accessible. Not only is this tabletop easel a great tool ⁤for ‌painting, but ​it‌ also‌ doubles as a elegant display easel. And let’s not ⁣forget about the high-quality‍ materials used in its construction, ⁤with premium⁣ solid wood ‌and non-slip ⁢hardware ​ensuring durability ⁤and longevity. We are thrilled to share⁣ our firsthand experience with⁣ this exceptional product from Falling in ​Art, a brand dedicated to providing artists with top-notch​ supplies. So,⁢ join us as we dive ‌into the details and explore all the features ‌this ⁢wooden⁤ tabletop easel has to offer. If you ever encounter any issues, don’t hesitate‍ to reach‍ out to us or Falling in Art for assistance. Let’s ​get started on this creative journey together!

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When it comes⁤ to creating​ art, having the‍ right tools can make ⁢all the difference. That’s why we are excited to⁢ introduce the Falling in Art Wooden Tabletop Easel. This solid wood sketchbox desktop easel is designed for both beginners and⁣ professionals, making it the perfect choice for‍ artists of all‍ levels.

One of the standout features of this easel is its adjustable height.⁣ With a simple adjustment of the nuts on both sides, you ​can find ⁤the‌ most comfortable ⁤drawing ‍angle for your artwork. Whether you’re working on a small canvas or a⁣ larger ⁣piece ⁤up to 24‌ inches,⁣ this easel‍ has you covered.

In addition​ to its functionality, the Falling ‌in Art easel ‍also offers plenty of storage compartments. With ​five inner compartments, you can ‌easily organize ​your ⁤colored‌ pencils,‌ pens, markers, paintbrushes, and other drawing tools. The partitions can be⁢ combined freely, allowing you to customize the‍ storage space to⁣ suit your needs. Plus, the internal foam⁣ padding ⁢provides extra ⁤protection for your tools, ensuring ⁤they stay in great condition.

Not only is ⁢this easel a​ great painting​ tool,⁣ but it ⁢also doubles as a delicate ​display easel. With⁤ its sturdy ‌construction ‍and⁤ thick leather ⁤handle, you can ‌easily ⁣move ⁣it around ‌and​ start creating art ⁣wherever inspiration strikes. ⁣Whether you’re ⁢painting ‌at home, in the ​studio, or even outdoors, this easel is designed ‍to enhance your creative experience.

At ⁣Falling in Art, our mission is to provide artists like you with premium⁢ painting art⁤ supplies. We ⁢offer a wide range ⁢of products, including brushes, easels, canvas panels,‌ and ⁣more. We are committed to your satisfaction, so if you ever encounter any issues with our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Features and versatility of the Falling ​in Art Wooden Tabletop Easel

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The ‍Falling in Art Wooden Tabletop Easel is packed with features⁤ and offers versatile functionality that caters⁢ to the needs of both beginners and professionals. One of its standout features is the adjustable height. With an adjustable bracket, it can hold canvas boards‌ of different sizes, up to 24 inches. This allows artists ⁣to find‌ the most comfortable drawing angle by simply adjusting the⁣ nuts on⁣ both sides.⁢ Whether you’re working‌ on a small or large⁤ canvas, this easel ⁢has got you covered.

Another ‍great feature⁣ of this‌ tabletop ⁤easel is its storage⁤ compartments. It comes⁢ with five inner compartments that are perfect for organizing colored pencils,‌ pens, markers, paintbrushes, ⁣and other drawing tools. The best part is that you can combine the partitions freely⁤ to‌ create a storage space that suits your needs. Not only does it keep⁣ your tools organized, but it also has internal foam padding that provides extra protection, ensuring that ⁢your supplies ⁤stay⁤ safe and ‍secure.

In addition to its functionality⁤ as a painting easel, the Falling in Art Wooden Tabletop⁢ Easel also doubles as a delicate display easel. Its ‌solid⁤ wood⁣ construction not only makes it sturdy and durable,⁢ but it also ⁢adds a touch of elegance to your workspace. The easel is portable and⁢ easy to‍ move around, thanks ‌to its thick leather​ handle.​ So you can start creating anywhere,⁢ anytime.

At Falling in Art, we⁣ are committed to providing premium art supplies and tools ‌to help unleash the artist⁤ within ​you. ⁣Our wooden tabletop easel is‌ just one of the many products in our⁢ extensive range. We strive to satisfy your artistic needs ‍and ensure your creative journey is a smooth ⁣one. ⁢If you ⁢encounter any ‌issues with our products,‌ please⁤ don’t hesitate to ‍reach out to us.⁢ We are here to assist you.

If you’re⁢ looking ‌for a high-quality wooden​ tabletop easel that ​offers adjustable⁤ height, ample ⁣storage space, ‍and versatility, the Falling ‌in Art Wooden ‍Tabletop Easel is the ⁤perfect choice. Grab yours now and start creating beautiful art. Visit our Amazon page to make your purchase today!

Detailed insights and ‌performance of the Solid Wood Sketchbox Desktop Easel for‍ Painting

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We have been using the ‌Falling in‌ Art Wooden Tabletop ⁣Easel for a while now, and⁤ we⁣ are thoroughly impressed with its performance and ‌functionality. ⁢The adjustable height feature allows us to⁤ easily⁢ accommodate ⁤different-sized canvas boards up to 24 ⁤inches, making‍ it versatile for various painting projects. By simply adjusting the nuts on both sides, ​we can find the perfect drawing ‌angle that suits our⁢ preferences.

One of the standout features ⁢of this easel is the storage compartments. With five inner compartments, we can‍ conveniently organize our colored pencils, pens,​ markers, paintbrushes, and‌ other drawing tools. The⁢ best part is that we can⁢ combine the ​partitions freely, allowing⁢ for a ‍customizable storage solution. The internal foam padding provides extra protection, ensuring that our art supplies are kept⁢ safe and ‌secure.

Not only‍ is this tabletop easel great for painting, ⁢but it also functions as⁤ a delicate display easel. The sturdy‌ solid wood construction and non-slip bottom ensure stability and‍ durability. The​ thick leather handle makes it easy to move around, ‌allowing us to start ​our ‌creative process ⁣at​ any time and anywhere. Whether you are a beginner or a professional‍ artist, this easel is a ⁣fantastic‌ painting ‍tool that ‍caters ​to all⁤ skill levels.

At⁢ Falling in⁤ Art, they ⁣strive to ‌provide premium⁢ painting art supplies, ⁣including brushes, easels, easel sets, canvas panels, and more. ⁢They are⁤ committed to satisfying your needs as an artist, and ‌their products are backed by excellent customer support. If you ⁤ever‌ encounter any issues with⁣ their products, do not hesitate to reach out to them.

If ⁤you⁢ are looking for a reliable ‍and versatile easel for ‌your painting endeavors, we highly recommend⁤ the Falling in‌ Art Wooden Tabletop Easel. Click here to check it out on Amazon and take the next step in your artistic journey. Happy⁢ painting!

Recommendations for the Falling in Art Wooden Tabletop​ Easel

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Adjustable‍ Height: One of ⁢the standout ‌features of​ the Falling‌ in Art wooden​ tabletop easel ​is its adjustable ​bracket. This allows you to hold canvas boards of different⁣ sizes, up to‍ 24 inches. By simply adjusting the nuts on both sides, you can find‌ the most⁢ comfortable drawing angle, ensuring a pleasant painting experience every⁣ time.

Storage Compartments: We love the convenience of the inner compartments in this easel. With five ⁢compartments in ⁤total, organizing ⁣your colored pencils, pens, markers, paintbrushes, and other drawing tools has never been easier. The best part is ⁢that you can combine the partitions freely, customizing the⁣ storage ​space to ​suit your ‌needs. Additionally, ⁣the‍ internal foam​ padding provides extra⁣ protection for your tools, ensuring​ they remain in pristine condition.

Not only is the Falling‍ in ⁣Art tabletop ⁤easel perfect for painting, but ​it also ⁣doubles as a delicate display easel. Its⁤ versatility allows you to⁤ showcase your artworks⁣ with style. The easel features a thick leather handle,⁢ making it easy to move around‍ and start creating wherever inspiration strikes. Whether you’re a beginner or​ a professional artist,⁣ this easel is a great tool to unleash your creativity.

At Falling in Art,‍ we strive to ⁣provide premium painting art ⁣supplies to satisfy⁤ your artistic needs. We offer ⁤a wide range of ​brushes, easels, easel sets, canvas⁢ panels, ⁣and more. Our wooden tabletop ‍easel is ⁣made of high-quality solid wood, ensuring its sturdiness and durability. The bottom four non-slip pads protect the surface from scratches, and the solid‌ hardware is​ built to last without rusting. We’re dedicated to your satisfaction, so⁣ if you encounter any issues with ⁣our products, please feel free ‍to contact us.

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Customer ‌Reviews Analysis

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Customer⁢ Reviews⁢ Analysis

​‍ ‌ The Falling in‌ Art ⁢Wooden Tabletop Easel ‌has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from customers, making it ⁤a highly recommended choice‌ for both beginners⁣ and professionals in the creative field. Let’s delve into what reviewers have to say⁢ about this versatile easel.

Sturdy Construction and Durability

⁣ ​ Customers have praised the solid wood case of this easel,‍ noting its impressive​ durability⁢ and sturdiness.​ The dove-tailed⁢ corners, metal⁣ hinges, and clasps contribute to the overall strength‍ of the ⁣easel. The construction exudes⁢ longevity, ‌ensuring‍ it withstands the test of time. The⁢ non-slip feet also enhance stability ⁣and protect work surfaces from‍ scratches.

Pros Cons
– Sturdy ‌solid wood‌ case – Slightly ‍weird ‍smell⁢ when up close
– Dove-tailed corners and metal hinges

Adjustable Features and Easy Setup

Reviewers appreciate the ‍easel’s⁢ adjustable frame interior arms, allowing them to customize the⁢ holding ‍areas to different widths. Additionally, the adjustable height bracket enables ⁣users‍ to work on canvas boards of ‍various sizes, up to 24 inches in height. The setup process is hassle-free, requiring only a few winged screws.

Convenient Storage ⁢and Organization

⁤ ⁣The Falling in Art Wooden Tabletop⁤ Easel comes with⁤ five inner compartments, perfect for organizing various drawing tools such as colored‌ pencils, pens, ⁢markers,⁤ and paintbrushes. Users can customize⁤ the partitions for personalized storage. The internal foam padding ensures the tools remain protected⁢ and ‌intact.

Portability and Versatility

Users have found this easel to be lightweight and portable, making it ideal for small spaces, ‌tabletops, and on-the-go creativity. Its sleek design and ⁤thick leather handle contribute⁣ to its portability. Additionally, the ​easel can double as an elegant display stand for finished artwork.

Exceptional Value and Customer Support

Customers have ⁢praised‌ the Falling in Art brand for providing a premium-quality product at an​ affordable ⁣price. The easel is​ considered an excellent investment in ⁤one’s artistic​ pursuits.​ Furthermore, Falling in Art ​promises a 100% money-back guarantee and ‌prompt customer support, ensuring ‌customer satisfaction.

‍ ‌ In ⁢summary, the Falling in Art Wooden Tabletop Easel stands out as a reliable⁤ and ​versatile​ tool for artists. Its sturdy ‌construction, adjustable⁣ features, convenient storage, and portability make⁤ it a valuable ‌asset for both ⁤beginners and seasoned professionals. With positive customer reviews and exceptional value, this easel is a true gem for artists seeking ⁢a long-lasting and practical companion in their creative endeavors.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons


  1. Adjustable height allows for comfortable drawing angle
  2. Storage compartments for organizing drawing ‌tools
  3. Can be​ used as both ‍an artwork ⁢painting easel ​and display‌ easel
  4. Made of ⁣premium solid wood, sturdy and durable
  5. Internal foam padding provides⁤ extra protection
  6. Thick⁣ leather handle ⁣for easy transportation


  • May be⁢ bulky for some users
  • Only holds⁤ canvas boards up to 24 ‍inches
  • Partitions in​ storage compartments may not be suitable ‌for all​ drawing tools

Overall, the Falling in Art Wooden Tabletop Easel offers a range of convenient features ⁢that make⁢ it a ‍great art⁣ companion. Its adjustable height and storage compartments ​provide⁤ ease of use and organization, while its sturdy construction ⁣ensures long-term durability. Although it ⁢may be⁣ bulky for some⁢ users and has certain limitations in terms of ​canvas size and partition ​suitability, these drawbacks are outweighed‌ by its versatility and quality.


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Q&A Section:

  1. Q:⁣ Is ​this‍ easel suitable for beginners?
    A: Absolutely!‍ Falling in Art Wooden Tabletop Easel is perfect for beginners who are‍ just starting their‍ artistic journey. Its adjustable height feature allows you to find the most comfortable drawing ‌angle, making ⁢it easier⁣ for beginners to get started.

  2. Q: ​Can this easel hold larger canvas boards?
    A: Yes, it can! ‍The adjustable ​bracket on Falling in Art sketch box easel can hold canvas boards up to 24 inches in size. ‍So whether you’re working ‌on‍ a⁣ small or a large canvas, this easel ⁣has got you covered.

  3. Q: Are there any compartments​ for storing‌ art supplies?
    A: Yes, there are five inner compartments specifically designed to organize your colored pencils, ​pens, markers, paintbrushes, and other drawing tools. You⁢ can even combine the partitions freely to suit your needs. The‍ internal foam padding also provides extra⁢ protection for‍ your supplies.

  4. Q: Can ⁣I use this ​easel for‌ displaying artwork?
    A: Absolutely! ‍Falling in Art tabletop easel ‌not only ⁤serves as a painting easel but⁤ also functions as a delicate display easel.​ Showcase your finished artwork with style using this versatile easel.

  5. Q: How durable is this easel?
    A: Falling in Art ‍wooden‍ tabletop easel is made of premium solid wood, which ensures its sturdiness and durability. The bottom four non-slip⁣ pads protect the surface ⁤from scratches, and‍ the solid hardware⁤ is resistant to rust. You can⁤ expect‌ this easel to last⁢ for a long time.

  6. Q: What if⁢ I encounter‍ any​ issues with the product?
    A: At Falling in Art,‌ we strive​ to ⁢provide the best customer service possible. If​ you encounter any issues when using our products, please⁣ feel ​free to contact us. We are here to assist you⁢ and ensure your satisfaction as​ an artist.

    Experience⁤ the ⁣Difference

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    In conclusion, the Falling ​in Art Wooden Tabletop Easel is the perfect ⁣art companion for all your creative needs. With its adjustable height, ‍you​ can find⁤ the most comfortable drawing ⁤angle⁤ for your canvas boards. The ⁢storage compartments ensure that your drawing tools are organized‌ and easily accessible. This easel not only serves as a painting​ tool but ⁣also ⁣doubles as a delicate display easel. Its⁣ sturdy​ construction and durable materials make it a long-lasting investment ⁤for both beginners and ⁢professional artists.

At‍ Falling in Art, we are dedicated to providing premium ​art supplies⁣ and tools to help you unleash‍ your inner artist. ⁣We offer ⁤a wide range⁣ of products including brushes, ‍easels, canvas panels, and more. If​ you encounter any issues with our products, please don’t hesitate to ⁤reach out to us. ⁢We are ⁤here to assist you.

Discover ‍the perfect ⁤art companion now by clicking on the following link: Let your creativity soar with the Falling in Art Wooden Tabletop Easel.

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