Gallipoli Street by Mary-Anne O’Connor – Book Review!

GallipoliStreetAn Anzac tale of three families whose destinies are entwined by war, tragedy and passion.

At 17, Veronica O’Shay is happier running wild on the family farm than behaving in the ladylike manner her mother requires, and she despairs both of her secret passion for her brother’s friend Jack Murphy and what promises to be a future of restraint and compliance.

But this is 1913 and the genteel tranquillity of rural Beecroft is about to change forever as the O’Shay and Murphy families, along with their friends the Dwyers, are caught up in the theatre of war and their fates become intertwined.

From the horrors of Gallipoli to the bloody battles of the Somme, through love lost and found, the Great Depression and the desperate jungle war along the Kokoda Track, this sprawling family drama brings to life a time long past… a time of desperate love born in desperate times and acts of friendship against impossible odds.

A love letter to Australian landscape and character, Gallipoli Street celebrates both mateship and the enduring quality of real love. But more than that, this book shows us where we have come from as a nation, by revealing the adversity and passions that forged us.

A stunning novel that brings to life the love and courage that formed our Anzac tradition.

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Thoughts On The Book…

I heart this book so much! <3  Jack and Veronica were just bright stars in the story right from the start and their attraction was just undeniable! Rose was initially just downright despicable and Pattie was a hoot! Mick and Tom stood tall and even their parents – you couldn’t pick the biggest stand out! So much happening when the story of three families converges and their actions affect each other in so many ways. Heart wrenching scenarios… death, destruction, savagery and finding oneself again. From Gallipoli to Somme and even The Great Depression on to The Kokoda Track. Descriptive, harrowing, dramatic and explosive reading!

One generation going to war followed by the next. How the first generation suffered and their wanting to prevent the next generation suffering through the ravages of war. Mate-ship through war torn savageness and horrors.
Reading how each of the wars and conflict affected each generation within the story and how the events irrevocably changed each of them and their country.

Illicit affairs, wartime, conflict and struggles, demons and ghosts all play a part for the next generation of the three families – O’Shay, Murphy & Dwyer.

The author tied up the loose ends splendidly throughout the read and left no string untied. A complete full circle of a read and one that was just really well written with so many emotions, heartache and struggles for each of the characters.

Admittedly, Jack and Veronica’s story grabbed my heart strings right from the start, 😀  but every character involved in this story will steal your emotions in one way or another. I could shout from the rafters about this story, it was just that good. Many shocks in a story that has so many facets and one that keeps readers completely mesmerised. The sacrifices our Diggers and their families made were just gut-wrenchingly tearful and beyond our imagination. Just awesome storytelling by the author that you can sink your teeth into and completely get immersed in.
5 stars
*Review copy received from the publisher for an honest review.

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About The Author

Mary-Anne O’Connor is a Sydney based author whose major novel Gallipoli Street is due for release on the 1st of March 2015. The granddaughter of a Gallipoli veteran, Mary-Anne has drawn on her own family history to inspire and inform her writing of this story.

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