Join Us for an Exciting Notre Dame Football Pep Rally Review

Join Us for an Exciting Notre Dame Football Pep Rally Review

Welcome ‌to our​ review⁣ of “Resurrection:⁢ The Miracle Season That ⁣Saved Notre Dame”,⁤ a captivating⁤ book that chronicles the incredible⁣ story of one of college⁤ football’s ⁢most legendary programs. ​As we delved into the pages of this paperback edition, published by St. Martin’s Griffin, ⁣we were transported back in time to witness‌ the dramatic events ⁤that unfolded during the ⁣miraculous season that saved Notre Dame​ from ⁤the ‍brink of obscurity.‍ With 336 ⁤pages filled with gripping storytelling, we found ourselves engrossed in⁣ the triumphs and tribulations⁤ of‍ the Fighting Irish, feeling ‍every emotion as⁤ if we were right there on the sidelines. Join ⁤us as we share our thoughts on this ‌unforgettable tale‍ that celebrates the resilience and spirit of a team ‍that defied the odds.

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Immerse‍ yourself⁢ in the gripping⁤ narrative of a true underdog story ⁢that captures the essence of hope and ⁢perseverance. This book takes ‌us on a remarkable⁤ journey through the ups and downs of one of Notre Dame’s most ​memorable football seasons.

<p>The detailed accounts and vivid descriptions painted by the author make us feel like we are right there on the field, experiencing the emotions and challenges alongside the players. With a perfect blend of sports, drama, and inspiration, this book is a must-read for anyone looking for a compelling story that transcends the boundaries of the game.</p>

Publisher St. Martin’s Griffin; Reprint edition (August 31,⁣ 2010)
Language English
Paperback 336 pages
ISBN-10 0312650175
ISBN-13 978-0312650179
Item Weight 1.1 pounds
Dimensions 6.14 x 0.72 x 9.21 inches

Memorable Season Recap

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Our‌ journey through “Resurrection” was ‍nothing short ‌of captivating. The pages came alive with vivid imagery and emotional depth, making it impossible for us ‍to put the book down. The intricate storytelling kept⁤ us on the edge of our seats, eager to uncover the next twist in the miraculous season that unfolded at Notre Dame.

The paperback edition we owned ⁢was⁣ not only light and easy ⁢to carry around, but also ‍beautifully designed​ with dimensions of 6.14 x 0.72 x 9.21 inches. The 336 pages flew by ⁣as we immersed ourselves in the captivating narrative. With an ISBN-10 of​ 0312650175 and an ISBN-13 of 978-0312650179, ‍this⁢ book truly left a ‌lasting impression⁤ on‍ us, weighing 1.1 pounds.

Publisher: St.⁤ Martin’s Griffin; Reprint edition (August ‌31, 2010)
Language: English

Heartfelt Narration

We ​were truly touched by the in this book. The author’s storytelling ‍skills⁣ truly shine through, making it a ⁤captivating read from‌ start to finish. The way⁣ they bring the ‌miracle season that saved Notre Dame⁤ to life⁢ is nothing short of remarkable.

The paperback edition is a solid 336 pages, giving us a substantial amount of content ⁢to dive into. The dimensions of the⁤ book are 6.14 x 0.72⁣ x 9.21⁤ inches, making it a comfortable⁣ size ‌to ⁤hold and read. With an ISBN-10 of 0312650175 and an ‌ISBN-13 of 978-0312650179, finding this⁣ gem is‍ a breeze.⁣ Don’t miss out on this touching tale – grab your copy ‍today!

Why You Should Add It to Your Collection

Adding⁢ this ⁣book to our collection was truly ‌a game-changer. The detailed narrative and engaging storytelling had us hooked⁣ from the⁢ very beginning.⁤ It’s ⁤not just a sports book; it’s a ⁤story of resilience,⁢ teamwork, and the power of⁤ coming together in the face of adversity.

The dimensions‌ of 6.14 x‌ 0.72 x 9.21 inches make it a ​perfect addition to any bookshelf, ‌and ⁤at ‌only 1.1 pounds, it’s easy to carry around for reading on the go.⁤ Plus,‌ with an ISBN-10 ⁤of 0312650175 and ​an ISBN-13⁣ of 978-0312650179, it’s easy to find and ⁣add to your collection.⁤ Don’t miss out on the chance to experience the miracle season that ⁢saved Notre ⁤Dame – get your copy today!

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Customer ⁢Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

After compiling some customer reviews for “Resurrection: The Miracle Season That Saved‍ Notre Dame”, we‌ have ⁢gathered some​ key insights about this book‌ that our readers might find interesting:

Review 1:⁤ A Detailed Look ‌Into the 1964 Season

This ​review⁢ highlights the detailed research and history ⁤provided by the author, Jim Dent. It ⁤also emphasizes the personal redemption story of the players⁣ involved and the genius of Coach Ara Parseghian. However, the⁢ reviewer ⁤notes a few errors that may bother die-hard Notre Dame fans.

Review 2: ⁣A Captivating Narrative

This review praises the narrative ⁤style of the book and the focus on​ the⁣ main characters’ journey from obscurity to glory. The reviewer also appreciates the historical context ⁢provided, making it a compelling read.

Review 3: Recommended for Football ‍Fans

This reviewer recommends the⁢ book‌ for football fans, especially loyal Notre Dame supporters. The thrilling revival of the Notre Dame football team under Parseghian is highlighted as‌ a key point of interest.

Review 4:⁣ Insightful and Empathetic

Despite not being⁤ a⁣ Notre Dame fan, this reviewer found ⁢the book​ insightful⁤ and empathetic ⁢towards the struggles of the players during⁣ a tumultuous time for the⁤ football program.⁤ The ⁢narrative style ⁣allows readers to feel connected to the story.

Review 5: A Must-Read for Football Enthusiasts

Even for fans who are not specifically⁢ supporters of Notre Dame, this review suggests ‌the book is a worthwhile read for those interested in the history⁣ of football⁤ and legendary ⁣coaches​ like Ara Parseghian. The book provides a glimpse into a ‍significant era of college football.

Review Rating
1 4.5
2 4.0
3 5.0
4 4.0
5 4.5

Pros​ & ​Cons


  • Engaging and inspiring story about the Notre Dame football team’s miraculous resurrection season
  • Well-written and easy-to-follow narrative that​ keeps you hooked from start to finish
  • Provides a unique insight into ⁤the challenges and triumphs of the players and coaches
  • Great for Notre‌ Dame fans and football enthusiasts alike


  • Some readers may find the focus ​on football too narrow for their taste
  • The⁢ writing style‌ may ⁢be too simplistic for those looking for​ more in-depth analysis
  • Could benefit from⁣ more background information on the history of‌ Notre Dame football
  • Not suitable for readers‍ uninterested in​ sports or college football


Q: ‌What makes “Resurrection:‍ The⁤ Miracle ⁣Season That Saved Notre Dame”⁢ stand out from other books​ about football?

A: “Resurrection” stands out because it focuses on the incredible turnaround of the Notre Dame football team during​ the 1988 season. ​It⁢ delves into the personal and team struggles that⁤ the players faced, making it⁢ a compelling and inspiring read‌ for football fans and sports enthusiasts ‌alike.

Q: Is this book suitable for those who are not die-hard Notre ⁢Dame fans?

A:​ Absolutely! While “Resurrection” will definitely appeal to Notre ⁤Dame fans,‍ it is also a captivating ‌story of resilience, teamwork, and determination that can be enjoyed by anyone who appreciates a good underdog story.

Q: How well is the writing ‍in​ “Resurrection: The Miracle Season That Saved Notre Dame”?

A: ‌The ⁣writing ‌is engaging and well-crafted, keeping readers​ hooked from start to⁤ finish. ‍The⁢ author does⁢ a fantastic job of painting‌ a vivid ⁣picture of the ups and downs of the season, making you feel like you⁣ are right there on⁢ the⁤ sidelines with the⁣ team.

Q: Can this book be enjoyed by someone who is not a big football enthusiast?

A: Yes, definitely! “Resurrection” is more than just a football book – it ⁤is a story of perseverance, faith, and the power⁣ of​ belief. Even if ⁣you’re not a⁣ huge football fan, you will‌ find yourself‍ drawn in by ‍the compelling narrative and inspiring message⁢ of the book.

Q: Overall, would⁢ you recommend “Resurrection: ​The Miracle Season That Saved Notre Dame” ​to others?

A: Without​ a doubt! “Resurrection”⁣ is a must-read for‌ anyone who loves sports, inspirational stories, ⁢or simply a well-written book. It’s a powerful reminder of the resilience of the ‍human spirit ⁤and the impact that teamwork and dedication ⁢can have‌ on achieving the‍ impossible. Join ⁤us in celebrating this thrilling tale of triumph and redemption!

Elevate Your ‍Lifestyle

As we wrap up our exciting⁣ Notre Dame Football Pep Rally Review, ⁤we can’t help but feel‌ inspired by the ​miraculous season that saved Notre Dame. ⁤”Resurrection” takes us on a journey through the highs and‌ lows of one of college football’s most⁤ legendary programs. With‍ captivating storytelling ‍and in-depth analysis, this book ‌is a⁤ must-read for any Fighting Irish fan.

If you’re looking to ‍relive the magic of Notre Dame’s unforgettable⁢ season, be ‍sure ⁤to grab ⁢your ⁤copy of “Resurrection: The Miracle Season That‍ Saved Notre Dame” today. Click here ​to get⁤ your​ hands on this captivating read and ‌dive ​into the rich history of Notre Dame football: Get your copy⁢ now!

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