New Release! Resisting Romeo by Melanie Shawn

Juliette Pierce

As a type-A planner, I lived my life by lists. I thrived off of completing projects. Yet, one task had eluded me. I was still a virgin. With a milestone birthday right around the corner, my status was looming over me like a dark cloud.

To add insult to injury, the only man I’d attempted to give my V-card to was going to be staying at the resort I ran and he’d requested that I be his personal concierge.

I’d done my best to forget Romeo Whitehall even existed. That goal was made all the more difficult since he was the drummer of a popular band who frequently graced the tabloids. It had been twelve years since I’d seen my brother’s best friend turned rock star and now we’d be spending the weekend alone in a secluded villa.

Romeo Whitehall

My best friend’s little sister was supposed to be off-limits to me. I should have never developed feelings for the copper-haired girl with big brown eyes and smile that could light up Times Square. But then again, I’d never been very good at following the rules.

I’d loved Juliette Pierce for so long I couldn’t remember what not loving her felt like. But I’d screwed everything up. After being MIA for over a decade, I prayed that it wasn’t too late to make things right.

One virgin. One rock star. One weekend alone. What could go wrong?

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