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Today’s feature post is the newest instalment in the Levenham Love Story series from author Cathryn Hein – Santa And The Saddler. For readers of small town rural romance, Santa And The Saddler is the perfect, romantic, uplifting read.

What a sensational addition to the Levenham Love Story series. Danny and Beth’s characters were like fireworks and sunshine. 😀 Both brought out the smiles for this reader. 🙂 The story was vivid in its descriptives – full of good-natured, down-to-earth characters that held my attention throughout the book. The cheeky, romantic Santa and his fireman lift line was a hoot.

Santa And The Saddler by author Cathryn Hein was a read full of eye-catching characters, with romantic elements and hilarious sassiness from Danny and Beth that never failed to bring out the many smiles and chuckles for this reader – while also having its share of tense moments. Many stand out sequences in the read to note, but the pleasant characters, not just Danny and Beth, but the more secondary characters, added to the already delightful read.

I’m a complete fan of the heartfelt small town rural romance reads, and Santa And The Saddler didn’t disappoint. From start to finish, the story held its own. An exceptional, feel good, warm-hearted read not to be missed.
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Excerpt – Santa And The Saddler by Cathryn Hein

Danny laughed and went to rap on the door, only to stop as a burst of common sense assaulted him. It was quarter to one on a Friday night in a quiet street in a country town, and he was a stranger dressed in a Santa suit. He’d have to be mad to think this could end well.
‘Don’t be a dickhead,’ he muttered and headed back to the road. Halfway across the car park Danny stopped and swung back. He was meant to be helping his dad first thing, then he had cricket, but Saddlery Girl was in and he needed to order the bloody browband, and the shop was likely to be even busier Saturday morning than previous days. Two steps later Danny paused again, reversed, and with a frustrated growl, forced himself to walk on, only to halt and swing around when he heard the shop door open.
Slade had given way to The Darkness, another over-the-top British band. Danny wouldn’t have had a clue, only Barry loved them and had once forced Danny to listen to an entire album one quiet Sunday morning shift at the Arms.
‘You’re early,’ she said. ‘Christmas Eve is still five —’ She glanced at her watch, ‘— make that four, days away.’
Danny blinked in confusion. Then, remembering his costume, he grinned. She was propped against the doorjamb with her arms crossed. He studied her expression for a moment. A bit wary, definitely, but not unamused.
He spread his arms. ‘Just reconnoitring for the big fella. You know, checking access, that sort of thing.’ Still smiling, he walked towards the door but made sure to stop a few metres away. ‘Hate to see him get stuck.’
She bent forward and peered up the street. Car headlights flashed for a moment and disappeared when the vehicle turned off. She regarded him once more. ‘I thought elves looked after that sort of thing.’
‘All in bed. Lazy sods.’
She studied his eyes and he tried to keep them wide. ‘Where you should be, by the looks.’
The mention of his fatigue brought on a yawn. Danny smothered it with his hand and smiled when she caught the same contagion. ‘Where we all should be at this hour.’
She shrugged. ‘No rest for this elf. What can I do for you?’
‘I need to order a browband. For a bridle.’
‘I know what browbands are for.’ She pointed upward, indicating the shop’s signage. ‘Saddlery. We’re experts in that kind of thing.’
‘Sorry.’ He shook his head in an attempt to clear it but all he could think of was how gorgeous she looked with the servo lighting from up the street turning her hazel eyes gold-flecked and sparkling. Tiredness blushed her cheeks, but even though she looked deader on her feet than him, her mouth still curved in a smile.
He really wanted to kiss that mouth.

©Cathryn Hein 2016
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About Santa And The Saddler

He’s found the girl of his dreams, but she’s just passing through. Can he turn fleeting Christmas magic into forever?

Windmill fabricator Danny Burroughs doesn’t have time to wait in line at the local santaandthesaddler_cathrynheinsaddler—no matter how pretty the girl behind the counter—he’s juggling two jobs as it is. But his little sister has her heart set on a unique piece of saddlery for Christmas and he can’t let her down.

Expert saddler Beth Wells has no idea that when she comes to small town Levenham to look after her grandfather’s shop she’ll be swamped with customers. Overrun by day, Beth is forced to work late into the night on Christmas orders. The last thing she needs is another.
When super-cute Danny arrives at the saddlery after midnight wearing a Santa suit, a broad grin and pleading she make his sister’s present, Beth makes a deal—she will take the order in exchange for Danny’s help. Except this flirty Santa’s idea of helping involves more than stacking shelves, and in the confines of the saddlery their smouldering attraction soon becomes a blaze. But no matter how hopelessly drawn she is, Beth has a job interstate and a mum who needs her. Anything more than friendship is pointless.

Will these two chance-met strangers find the courage to gamble on their love? Or will the girl Danny’s been looking for all his life leave nothing behind but a sweet Christmas memory?

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