New Release! Shelter by Rhyll Biest

Happy new book release to author Rhyll Biest! Shelter is available now!

Shelter by author Rhyll Biest had many memorable moments. The characters written in the story were stand outs. Kat’s introduction and first interactions with the townsfolk of Walgarra were comical and a nice surprise laugh. There were twists in the story and some shock moments that jumped out at this reader. I liked Kat and Luka’s characters – each of their respective character layers revealing themselves throughout the read that had the puzzle pieces falling into place well. Their ideas or agendas, while not always obvious, show themselves through the happenings within the story, having some surprise elements. Their interactions and dialogue were entertaining from one chapter to the next. Kat’s inner dialogue and obvious attraction to Luka (and likewise Luka’s attraction to Kat) had many amusing elements that bring the chuckles. The story was a stand out from its vivid descriptions, to the likeable characters that all combined in what was a great series starter from author Rhyll Biest.
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About Shelter by Rhyll Biest

Raw and risky, a new rural romance that explores the dark side of small towns, and the people who put everything on the line to protect them…

shelter_rhyllbiest_escapepublishingKat Daily is excited to trade her Sydney airport quarantine uniform for an RSPCA inspector’s uniform and a job in the rural town of Walgarra. A fresh start in a new place, where she can make a real difference in the lives of the animals that she loves.

But Walgarra doesn’t offer a peaceful, bucolic existence. Like many small towns, the distance from urban settings — and urban law enforcement — has allowed a criminal element to set in. Kat may only be looking after animals, but that doesn’t mean she will be immune to people with sinister agendas.

The previous RSCPCA inspector was murdered, and Officer Luka Belovuk is determined to keep the new inspector from the same fate. He may have very broad shoulders, but carrying the safety of the law-abiding community just trying to live their lives has weighed him down, and one more death might be more than he can take.

Not all small towns are quaint and quiet, but they all have one thing in common: a community of people willing to protect their population with everything they have.

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