New Release! Sign by Colin Dray

Sometimes even the best intentions can lead you down a very dangerous road.

A captivating novel full of strength, quiet courage and the struggle to overcome silence.

Sam is a young boy recovering from an operation that has left him unable to speak ever again. He lives with his mother and sister Katie, all dutifully cared for by Aunt Dettie, their father’s sister, who believes herself sympathetic to his pain.

Their father abandoned the family some time ago, but when their mother begins to date again, Aunt Dettie reacts very badly.

After an unexpected phone call, Aunt Dettie packs Sam and Katie into the backseat of her car and tells them that she’s taking them to Perth to be reunited with their father.

As Dettie drives the children across Australia in the middle of a sweltering and dangerous bushfire season, her behaviour becomes increasingly erratic, and the children begin to realise that there is something very wrong.

Voiceless, Sam can only watch helplessly as the family trip becomes a smoke-filled nightmare.

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My Thoughts On The Read

Sign by Colin Dray was a diversified read. The story centres around Sammy, Katie, Dettie and Joanne, (Sammy and Katie’s mother). There are references to other characters that either did not make an appearance or who appeared in the story at a time that did not alter nor impact the outcome. The story left many questions unanswered and raised more. Overall, Sign by author Colin Dray made for an interesting read.
Review copy received from Allen & Unwin Australia

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