New Release! The Love Coupon by Ainslie Paton

The Love Coupon Book Cover The Love Coupon
Stubborn Hearts Series #2
Ainslie Paton
Contemporary Romance
Harlequin Carina Press
9 April 2018

How many coupons does it take to fall in love?

Flick Dalgetty knows what she wants and how to get it, which is why she’s about to start her dream job in Washington. Until then, she needs somewhere to crash, and Tom O’Connell’s place is her sole option. He’s a repressed, antisocial ogre…but man can he kiss.

For Tom, being around Flick is like being too close to the sun. Her untamed energy is overwhelming, and he’d spontaneously combust if he had to live with her long-term. Housemates with benefits—and an expiration date—suits him just fine.

Then Flick gives Tom thirty coupons, each entitling him to one obligation-free activity, from bowling and bubble-bathing to morning delight, removing all the guesswork from being incompatible partners and shifting their fling into high gear.

Now the problem is their arrangement is drawing to a close, and they might be falling in love—and there wasn’t a coupon for that.


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My Thoughts On The Love Coupon by author Ainslie Paton

The Love Coupon by Ainslie Paton was another superb addition to The Stubborn Hearts series that superseded my like for the first book of the series (The Love Experiment). I jumped at the chance to read an early ARC of this story (thank you Ms Paton) and was not disappointed. The characters of Flick and Tom were full of emotion that scorched on impact, and throughout the story, their dialogue and confrontations were comical and intriguing. The hilarity in some of the face-offs were downright laugh-out-loud and unexpected. I loved their sarcasm, their directness and their intensity. Their depicted ability to see the positives in dire moments was uplifting and an added page turner. Flick was like a tornado compared to Tom’s rigid, ordered self. But her tornado-like persona was a breath of fresh air to read. Tom’s persona change with every peeling of emotional layer in the story, further grabbing this reader’s attention. I did not want to put the book down. Rather, I wanted to keep reading the story, just to see what would happen next. I loved the story and the characters in equal measure and the secondary characters also held merit. The Love Coupon by Ms Paton was superb reading and unputdownable.
Early review copy received from the Author


The Stubborn Hearts Series by Ainslie Paton


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