Book Review! 5 Stars – Suddenly One Summer by Fleur McDonald

Suddenly One Summer Book Cover Suddenly One Summer
Fleur McDonald
Contemporary Fiction
Allen & Unwin Australia
25 October 2017
Paperback, Ebook

In the tradition of Red Dust, Suddenly One Summer is yet another classic rural romance novel by leading author, Fleur McDonald.

When Brianna Donahue was three years old, her mother mysteriously disappeared while farming in Merriwell Bay, Western Australia. Her body has never been found. Brianna works the same land with her father Russell, while almost single-handedly raising her two children as her husband Caleb works as a fly-in fly-out criminal lawyer in Perth.

One scorching summer's morning, her son Trent goes missing and, while frantically searching for him, Brianna must come to terms with the fact that her marriage has large cracks in it.

Over two thousand kilometres away in South Australia, Detective Dave Burrows receives a phone call reporting stolen sheep from an elderly farmer. When he and his partner Jack arrive at the farm, it's clear that Guy has early signs of dementia. Following a conversation with his wife Kim, Dave becomes intrigued with Guy's family history. Was there a sister, or was there not? No one seems to know.

So how will Dave's investigation impact Brianna's world? While battling the threat of bushfires back in Merriwell Bay, Brianna is faced with challenges that test her relationships with those she loves most. Suspenseful and incendiary, Suddenly One Summer is an intriguing and heartfelt story of the unlikely connections of life on the land.

Suddenly One Summer by Fleur McDonald is published by Allen & Unwin Australia, RRP $29.99.

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My Thoughts On The Book

Suddenly One Summer by Fleur McDonald is an enthralling read with surprising twists and merging stories. A read that portrays sadness, shock and happiness that flowed from one chapter to the next. Bri's character strength was a stand out. I was rapt with this novel. Suddenly One Summer is a book that I could not put down and a must for my fave reads list.
Review copy received from Allen & Unwin Australia


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New Release! Little Secrets by Anna Snoekstra

What happens when ambition trumps the truth?

A town reeling in the wake of tragedy…

An arsonist is on the loose in Colmstock, Australia, most recently burning down the town’s courthouse and killing a young boy who was trapped inside.

An aspiring journalist desperate for a story…

The clock is ticking for Rose Blakey. With nothing but rejections from newspapers piling up, her job pulling beers for cops at the local tavern isn’t enough to even cover rent. Rose needs a story—a big one.

A bizarre mystery…

In the weeks after the courthouse fire, porcelain replicas of Colmstock’s daughters begin turning up on doorsteps, terrifying parents and testing the limits of the town’s already fractured police force.

Rose may have finally found her story. But as her articles gain traction and the boundaries of her investigation blur, Colmstock is seized by a seething paranoia. Soon, no one is safe from suspicion. And when Rose’s attention turns to the mysterious stranger living in the rooms behind the tavern, neighbour turns on neighbour and the darkest side of self-preservation is revealed.

‘A smart and compulsive thriller that perfectly evokes the claustrophobia of small-town Australian life. I couldn’t put it down!’ Bestselling Australian author of The Rosie Project, Graeme Simsion

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Book Review! The Baby Doctor by Fiona McArthur

The Baby Doctor Book Cover The Baby Doctor
Fiona McArthur
Contemporary Fiction
Penguin Random House
2 October 2017
Ebook, Paperback

‘The right people turn up in your life at the right time if you let them.’

Sienna Wilson is living her dream in the city – a rewarding obstetrics job in a leading hospital, an apartment with a view, and handsome Sergeant McCabe on call whenever she needs him. The last thing she wants is a posting to a remote outback town to investigate a medical mystery.

But on arrival in Spinifex, Sienna is brought to life in new and exciting ways. In a community riddled with secrets, she meets troubled young barmaid Maddy, and tough publican Alma, both with their troubles to hide.

As they draw strength from each other, new friendships, new loves and new babies are born, proving that when strong women join forces, they can overcome even the greatest odds.

The Baby Doctor by Fiona McArthur is published by Penguin Random House, RRP $32.99.

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My Thoughts On The Book

Another magic read from author Fiona McArthur! Sienna and Douglas' characters are integral characters in the read, but so too, Alma and Maddy. The very humanised way that the characters are portrayed just grab you. The cameo visits from Eve, is another likeable aspect in the story. I cannot say enough how much I enjoyed reading this book. I could not tear my eyes away from the story. I love how the author entangles a readers attentions and evokes emotion, in a story that is attention worthy from the start, and one that is full of emotion and unexpected action. Sneaky twists and the revelations that unfold, make for a read that could not be missed. The Baby Doctor by Fiona McArthur is another book for my fave reads list.
Review copy received from Penguin Random House Australia

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New Release! The White Lily by Juliette Cross

To the north of the Varis empire, a mysterious faction spreads propaganda against the vampire monarchy. Friedrich Volya, the Duke of Winter Hill, seeks to discover who they are before his uncle finds them first. King Dominik will punish the traitors with brutal force.

Local schoolteacher, the raven-haired Brennalyn, is on her own mission—to spy on the duke and discover what she can for the Black Lily. She longs to help the commonwealth and bring justice to the many orphans left behind from the ravages of the blood madness, like the children she lovingly keeps in her care. What she doesn’t plan for is the heart-pounding attraction she feels for the duke, enemy to the Black Lily.

But when Brennalyn’s secret puts her life and the life of her children in danger, Friedrich steps in as her protector, she finds out there’s more to the duke than she thought.

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Vampire Blood Series


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Book Review! Come Rain Or Shine by Tricia Stringer

Come Rain Or Shine Book Cover Come Rain Or Shine
Tricia Stringer
Contemporary Romance
Harlequin Australia
23 October 2017
Ebook, Paperback

A warm-hearted rural romance from the authentic voice of Australian storytelling, bestselling author Tricia Stringer

A wedding and a will, a bushfire and a baby: who said the country was quiet?

Paula knew when she moved to the country that the life would be tough. Nearly a year into her marriage with farmer Dan, and now pregnant, she is proud of her ability to feed shearers, bake a pastie and fix a fence while still running her accountancy business from home. With a wedding to plan, the farm to run and neighbours to help out, life is busy but good.

But there are clouds on the horizon. Dan is increasingly tired and distant. He promised he would always tell her the truth, so why is he being so mysterious about his late father’s will? And why is his abrasive Aunt Rowena suddenly so interested in the sex and due date of Paula’s baby? As bushfires rage, Paula makes a discovery that shocks her and threatens all she holds dear.

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Thoughts On The Book

The characters that were last read of in A Chance Of Stormy Weather, are the central focus in Author Tricia Stringer's newest novel Come Rain Or Shine. Dan, Paula and Rowena face more dramas, this time around, Paula also experiences challenges in her pregnancy, while also facing some of the stresses within her life. A somewhat similar story to A Chance Of Stormy Weather where the secrets, communication breakdowns, the ex-girlfriend and the grouchy Aunt, although not as grouchy ( 🙂 ), are at the forefront.
Review copy received from Harlequin Australia

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