Plague Cult by Jenny Schwartz – New Release!

Today’s feature post is the newly released fifth novel in The Collegium series, Plague Cult by Jenny Schwartz! Plague Cult is a fast-moving, paranormal romance with its share of attention grabbing characters. Plague Cult is available now from Amazon!




“Did she toss salt over her left shoulder three times?”

Ruth blinked. It was an unexpected question from a Collegium guardian, a mage trained in combat and educated in scientific magic.

Shawn stretched out his long legs, crossing them at the ankles, his large boots scuffed at the heels. “My mamaw is a granny witch. So’s my sister. You don’t want bad luck chasing you. Salt works, in a pinch.” The skin at the corners of his eyes crinkled at the sly pun as he looked sideways at Ruth. Evidently, he was taking her measure as much as she was assessing him. Each was curious about their temporary partner.

Ruth took a steadying breath, staring down at her hands. The freckles on the back of her right hand formed a constellation, the Southern Cross; hope in strange lands.

If only she were going somewhere strange. Instead, she was going home.

She loved Bideer and the people in it, but when she went home, Shawn would learn how she’d failed them. Failed Mason. She couldn’t fail them again—and a curse could be the worst kind of disaster. It all depended. Sometimes a curse did no more than add a wart to someone’s skin. Other times…


About Plague Cult by Jenny Schwartz

In a small Texas town a desire for love becomes a curse that unleashes a deadly plague.

Ruth Warner is estranged from her family. She loves them, but her magic makes her an PlagueCult_JennySchwartzoutsider in Bideer, Texas. Ruth has built a new life in New York as a healer at the Collegium.

Sometimes, though, you have to go home.

After the local coroner reports a suspicious death, the Collegium’s Chief Healer orders Ruth to Bideer. There’s a new cult in town, a lonely hearts club, and it’s playing reckless games with a death curse.

But Ruth isn’t going home alone.

Danger is in Shawn Jackson’s blood. He is a Collegium guardian, a mage trained to fight evil. He’s also a man accustomed to keeping secrets. He’s a hollerider, a huntsman; one of those who birthed the legend of the Wild Hunt. When he unleashes his magic, terror rides with him.

He’s also Ruth’s back-up.

As evil stalks an innocent town, the dedicated healer and battle-hardened marine must trust their own hurting hearts to prevent a devastating plague.

Warning: “Plague Cult” includes a haunted house, an unconventional ghost, and a home renovation romance.

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About The Author

JennySchwartzJenny Schwartz is a paranormal romance author with a BA in Sociology and History —
people watching and digging into the past. She lives in Western Australia and is working towards her dream of living by the sea.

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