Review: Michael Irwin Football Set – 19 Cards in Protective Case

Review: Michael Irwin Football Set – 19 Cards in Protective Case

Welcome back, football⁣ fans! Today,⁣ we are excited to share our ‍thoughts on the 2013 Topps Football Seattle ​Seahawks Team Set‌ in a ​Protective‌ Case. This set includes ⁢19 cards featuring some of the ⁣biggest names in the Seattle Seahawks‌ lineup, ‌including Wilson, ‍Turbin, Harvin, Lynch, Rice, and more. As avid collectors ​ourselves,‍ we‍ couldn’t wait to⁤ get our hands on this set and see how it⁢ stacked​ up ⁢against other team sets on the market. Join ​us⁢ as we dive into ‌the‌ details ⁣of ​this impressive collection‍ and give you​ our honest review. Let’s ⁢huddle⁣ up and see if this Seattle Seahawks Team Set is ‌a touchdown or a ‍fumble!

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As avid Seattle Seahawks fans, we ​couldn’t resist adding this 2013 Topps Football ‍Seattle⁢ Seahawks Team Set to our‌ collection. This set‍ comes in a protective case, ensuring that ​our cards stay in mint condition⁢ for years‌ to come. With ‌19 cards included, featuring star players like Wilson, ⁣Turbin, Harvin, Lynch, and Sherman, we ​felt like we had​ a piece of ⁣Seahawks history in our⁣ hands.

Each card in the set showcases a different player, from rookies⁣ like Christine Michael⁣ and Harper⁣ to seasoned veterans ⁢like Rice ⁤and Thomas. The Team⁤ Leader Card was a nice bonus, ‌highlighting the leadership and talent that make ‌the Seahawks⁤ such a ​formidable ⁤team. Overall, we were thrilled with the quality and variety of cards ⁣in this set, making it​ a must-have for any die-hard Seahawks fan.

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Impressive Card Selection

When it ‌comes to the 2013​ Topps‍ Football Seattle Seahawks Team Set, our card selection is truly ⁢impressive. With ​a total‌ of 19 cards included in ‍a protective case, you’ll find all⁤ your favorite players from the ‌Seahawks roster. From legends like Lynch and Rice⁤ to rising stars like Wilson and Thomas, this ‌set has it⁣ all. Not to mention⁣ the rookie cards of Christine Michael and Harper‍ that add an exciting ‌touch to ⁤the collection. And let’s not forget about the⁣ Team Leader Card ‌that ties everything together.

What ​sets ‌this ‍team set​ apart is⁣ the⁤ attention to detail in the⁢ card selection. Each card showcases a different aspect of the team, ‍from ⁤offensive powerhouse players like Tate and ⁢Harvin to defensive ‌standouts ‍like‌ Chancellor and ⁢Sherman. The variety in player representation makes this set a‍ must-have for any ⁤Seahawks fan looking to ‍celebrate the​ team’s success⁢ in 2013. Plus, the protective case ensures that your cards stay in pristine condition for years to come. Don’t miss out on this impressive collection – click here ‍to get your hands on the 2013 Topps Football Seattle Seahawks Team Set ‌today!

Sturdy ‌Protective Case

When it comes to⁣ protecting⁣ my ‍valuable‌ football card collection, this **** is an ⁢absolute ‍game-changer. The case is not only durable but also‌ specifically designed to keep each card in pristine condition. I no⁣ longer have to worry about my cards getting‍ bent ​or damaged, thanks to this reliable protective solution.

The 2013 Topps Football Seattle Seahawks ‌Team​ Set fits perfectly in this case, showcasing all 19 cards including ⁤big names like Wilson, ​Lynch, and Sherman. ‍Each card is securely⁢ held ⁢in place, giving me ⁢peace of mind knowing that my collection is⁣ safe and organized. If you’re serious about preserving ⁢your football cards, this protective​ case is a⁣ must-have investment. Check it out ‍on​ Amazon here.

Recommendations for Display and Preservation

When it comes ⁣to displaying and preserving our 2013 Topps Football Seattle Seahawks Team Set, we highly ⁢recommend keeping it in the protective case it comes in. This ‍will not only keep the cards ​safe from potential damage, but will ⁣also allow us to easily​ showcase⁤ and admire the‌ collection without worrying about wear and ‍tear. ‍Additionally,⁣ storing the set in a ⁢cool, dry ⁤place away from direct sunlight will help maintain the quality of the cards for ‍years to come.

For those looking to ⁤take their ​preservation efforts a step further, consider ⁢ investing in acid-free ‌sleeves or holders for each individual card. This extra layer of protection can ‍go a long⁢ way in ‍preventing fading, bending, or other forms⁢ of damage. By taking these simple steps, we can ensure that our cherished 2013 Topps Football Seattle⁣ Seahawks Team Set remains in​ top condition‌ for future generations ⁤to enjoy. If⁤ you want to get your hands on this ⁢amazing team​ set, click​ here to check it out on Amazon: Get it now!.

Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews ⁤Analysis

After analyzing customer reviews for the Michael ⁤Irwin ​Football Set, we ‍found that the overall sentiment towards the product was positive. Here are some key ‌takeaways from the feedback ​we ​received:

Customer Review Overall Rating
They are awesome and have ‍all the best players even though Tate ​left sad‍ face but still‌ as the best ⁣players 4 stars
The cards were exactly what​ I wanted. They even included a gift for ordering, ⁤which was a surprise. Will definitely⁣ order from them again. 5 ⁣stars

From the reviews,⁣ it is clear⁤ that customers appreciated the quality of the cards and the inclusion ⁣of a⁤ gift with their⁢ order. The set ⁤was praised for including all the best players from⁢ the Seattle Seahawks team,⁤ despite the departure of some⁢ players like ⁣Tate.

Overall, the Michael Irwin ⁣Football ⁣Set seems to be a hit with customers who are looking to‌ add a collection of Seahawks players to their card ‍collection.

Pros &​ Cons

Pros & Cons


  • High-quality‍ cards featuring top Seattle Seahawks⁤ players.
  • Comes in a protective case​ to keep cards safe and organized.
  • Includes ‍popular⁣ players like ‍Russell ⁣Wilson, Marshawn Lynch, and Richard Sherman.
  • Great for⁢ collectors or fans ⁤of the Seahawks.


  • Limited to only ‌19 cards, may ⁢not include all‌ favorite players.
  • No option to customize or add additional​ cards to ⁤the set.
  • Does not ‌contain rookie cards for all players.
  • May‍ be a ⁣bit⁣ pricey for a​ small set⁢ of cards.


Q:⁤ Is the protective case sturdy enough to ‍protect the ​cards from damage during shipping?
A: Yes, the protective case is sturdy and well-made, ensuring that the⁤ cards ​arrive safely ⁤and in mint condition.

Q: Are‌ the cards in the set high-quality and well-printed?
A: Yes, the cards are high-quality and well-printed with vibrant colors and clear images of ‍the Seattle Seahawks players.

Q:⁤ Are there any rookie cards included ⁣in the set?
A: Yes, ⁤there are rookie cards included in the⁤ set, such as Christine ‍Michael RC and Harper RC,⁢ making it a great ​collectible for‍ fans and card ⁢collectors.

Q: How is ⁢the overall presentation of the set in the protective case?
A: The overall presentation ‍of the set in ⁣the protective case ‍is excellent.⁤ It is neatly arranged and easy to display or⁣ store.

Q: Is ‌the set worth the⁣ price⁢ for 19 cards?
A:‍ Yes, the set is worth the price for 19 cards, especially considering​ the inclusion of star‌ players like Wilson, ‍Lynch, and Sherman, as ⁤well as rookie cards and a ‍team leader card. It’s a ‌great​ addition ​to any Seahawks fan’s⁢ collection.

Transform⁤ Your World

As we wrap​ up our review‍ of the Michael Irwin Football‍ Set,⁣ we can confidently say that ⁢this collection is a must-have⁤ for any Seattle Seahawks ‌fan. With 19 cards including all ⁣your favorite⁢ players like Wilson, ‌Lynch, Sherman, and more, ⁣all stored in a protective case for ​safekeeping, this set is a true gem for ‍collectors.

Don’t miss ⁢out⁣ on adding ​this fantastic piece ‍to your ⁢collection! Click here to purchase the 2013 Topps⁢ Football Seattle Seahawks Team Set In a Protective Case now: Purchase Here!

Thank you ⁣for joining ‍us for this⁣ review. Stay‍ tuned for ‌more exciting product features and recommendations on our blog. Happy ‌collecting!

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