Riskier Business by Tessa Bailey

Troy Bennett and Ruby Elliott return in this prequel instalment of the Crossing The Line series. Drama and twists in a story with so much combustible heat, wickedness and eroticism between Troy and Ruby that is scorching in it’s intensity and quantity that just doesn’t fail to occupy readers. Another Tessa Bailey scorcher.
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One more game. And this time, there are no rules…

After a life of pool hustling and living on the wrong side of the law, Ruby Elliott is living on the straight and narrow with sexy-as-all-hell NYPD detective, Troy Bennett. Now the only trouble Ruby has with the law is the naughty kind, pinned against the wall by Troy’s strict and spectacularly hard body. Obeying his every command. Both of them losing themselves in a lust that borders on obsession…

But then her father returns with an offer she can’t refuse: one last hustle in exchange for information. Information she’d die to have. As the pieces and the players of the game reveal themselves, Troy feels the fine edges of his control slipping—control he can’t channel without hurting Ruby. The stakes are high, and the risk higher. Because losing this final game could cost more than Ruby’s heart…it might cost her life.

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(Risking It All Coming end of Jan 2015)

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