New Release! Marrying The Wrong Earl by Callie Hutton

Happy new release to author Callie Hutton! The second book in the Lords and Ladies In Love series is available now!

Another entertaining read in the Lords and Ladies In Love series from author Callie Hutton. Marrying The Wrong Earl started well with the main characters of Arabella Danvers and Nash, The Earl Of Clarendon. Their unconventional pairing was fraught with challenges from the start but the many happenings and shenanigans of both characters never failed to bring the smiles in a story that didn’t miss a step. The menagerie of house guests and subsequent obstacles they posed for the comical duo were amusing, leaving the characters reeling, with often heartfelt and tempestuous outcomes. Arabella and Nashes characters were likeable from their introductions in the story and did not waver in a read that managed to steal this readers heart. The story also contained within some noticeable mentions of Hutton’s characters from previous stories adding to what was an already favoured read.
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About Marrying The Wrong Earl by Callie Hutton

Lady Arabella Danvers is happy with her life just the way it is. She is free to be herself and take care of broken and abandoned animals. Her mother is desperate for her to marry, and has decided to take things into her own hands. There is just one little problem with her plan.

Nash, the Earl of Clarendon has determined it is time to take a wife. He has selected a woman to whom he intends to propose. However, the annoying Lady Arabella has stumbled into his life at the wrong time, and in the wrong place.

But he of all people should know if Lady Arabella is involved, plans will go awry.

Each book in the Lords and Ladies in Love series is a standalone story that can be enjoyed out of order.


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Lords and Ladies In Love Series




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New Release! The Beast Of Aros Castle by Heather McCollum

Happy new book release to author Heather McCollum!

I heart author Heather McCollum’s books. 😀 The characters she brings to the pages whether they are dastardly, comical, charming or downright sizzling – they never cease to entertain from one page to the next. In Ms McCollum’s latest novel, The Beast Of Aros Castle, Ava and Grace’s crusade held all sorts of challenges and obstacles, not the least of which their subterfuge/deception. Tor from the start added a few beats to this readers heart 😉 Even the secondary characters in the story were stand outs in what was a stellar start to the Highland Isles series.
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About The Beast Of Aros Castle by Heather McCollum (Highland Isles #1)

thebeastofaroscastle_heathermccollumOn the run from a dangerous man, Ava Sutton flees to the Isle of Mull off the coast of Scotland. Masquerading as a titled, English lady, Ava must convince the cynical and darkly handsome chief of the Macleans of Aros to wed her before the devil tracks her down.

Tor Maclean, the new chief of Aros Castle, has sworn off marriage after his first wife tricked him into it. Despite his efforts to scare away the Englishwoman, his father arranged for him to wed, Tor is drawn to her fire, courage, and beauty. But when truths are revealed, and hearts as well as lives are on the dagger’s edge, Tor doesn’t know if he can forgive or if he will truly become the solitary Beast of Aros Castle…

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Book Spotlight! Seducing The Marquess by Callie Hutton

Richard, Marquess of Devon is satisfied with his ton marriage. His wife of five months, Lady Eugenia Devon, thought she was, too, until she found the book. Their marriage is seducingthemarquess_calliehutton_entangledpublishingone of respect and affection, with no messy entanglements such as love. Devon’s upbringing impressed upon him that gentlemen slake their baser needs on a mistress, not their gently bred wives. However, once married, he was no longer comfortable bedding a woman other Eugenia. When
she stumbles onto a naughty book, she begins a campaign to change the rules.

Lady Eugenia wants her very proper husband to fall in love with her. But her much changed and undeniably wicked behavior might inadvertently drive her confused husband to ponder the unthinkable—his perfect Lady has taken a lover. But the only man Eugenia only wants is her husband. The book can bring sizzling desire to the marriage or it might cause an explosion.

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The Earl’s Return by Callie Hutton

Happy new release to author Callie Hutton for The Earl’s Return, the seventh book in The Marriage Mart Mayhem series, available now!

The Earl’s Return by Callie Hutton had some scandalous moments, intrigue, shocks, tension, betrayal and attraction. Mary and Redgrave had all of these moments and emotions to face in the story and each portrayed scene within entertained from one chapter to the next. I liked their characters from the start. Both Mary and Redgrave having the opportunity of a second chance in a rather unforgiving society/time. An enjoyable story that pulled at the heartstrings. I could not put this book down and the read went fast, and past character visits from within the series was another highlight to an already enchanting read. The Earl’s Return was an enjoyable finale to the Marriage Mart Mayhem series from author Callie Hutton.
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About The Earl’s Return by Callie Hutton

London, 1819. Four years ago, Darius, the Earl of Redgrave fled London two weeks TheEarlsReturn_CallieHutton_EntangledPublishingbefore his wedding to Lady Mary’s sister and married another woman. Now a widower, he has returned to seek a new wife.
One woman catches his eye . . .

At first, Lady Mary doesn’t recognize the handsome lord as the cad who ran out on her sister. After giving him the cut direct in a London ballroom, she finds herself running into him everywhere she goes, and fighting a forbidden attraction. Not only has Mary sworn off men, Redgrave is so very wrong for her. But she cannot stop thinking of his kisses. Redgrave means to stay away from Mary but it is impossible. Passion between two people who can never be together is a dangerous game.

Title: The Earl’s Return
Series: Marriage Mart Mayhem, #7
Author: Callie Hutton
Genre: Historical Romance, Regency
Length: 267 pages
Imprint: Scandalous

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The Marriage Mart Mayhem Series

theelusivewife thedukesquandary theladysdisgrace thebaronsbetrayal thehighlanderschoice TheHighlandersAccidentalMarriage 



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Q&A With Author Stacy Reid!

stacyreidFeature post – Q&A with author Stacy Reid! Stacy discusses her newly released book The Royal Conquest, part of the Scandalous House Of Calydon series (book 4) and what’s next for her writing! Welcome to Talking Books Blog Stacy!


What was the most difficult scene to write in The Royal Conquest?

This would be the scene where Mikhail and Payton spoke with each other for the very first time. I always find the first encounter of the hero and heroine to be one of the most challenging scenes to write. This is so because it should be wonderful and interesting theroyalconquestenough to hook me as the writer, compelling me to explore their journey, and it needs to be so enticing to readers that they are eager to see the outcome after such a meeting. If I feel the scene is flat and uninteresting I do it over and over, and for The Royal Conquest, I am sure I went over and tweaked that scene with Payton and Mikhail in the cabin a gazillion times. LOL

What was your favourite chapter in the book?

Ha! I think this would be Chapter Ten! I love everything about this chapter…this is where we see Payton rebelling the most against the harsh commands of her parents, Mikhail stripping more of his walls and allowing Payton closer, and also one of their first sexy, scrumptious, passion filled scenes. I had a lot of fun writing this chapter, and I even put a bit of my life and reaction into Payton. I was also caught in a very compromising position with my hubby way before we got married, and I had the same reaction as Payton. I clasped my cheeks and kept muttering “This is not happening.”


From the Scandalous House Of Calydon series, what character was the most challenging to write and why?

My most challenging character from the series is Lucan Wynwood, our tortured duke fromsinsoftheduke the Sins of a Duke, book 3 in the series. Lucan kept me restless for days trying to figure him out. I needed readers to hate and love him in equal measure, and to identify with his pain. I wanted readers to root for him to seek revenge, and also want him not to destroy Connie as how he’d set out to do. It took me awhile to find the right balance, where he would not tip into a villain. In fact with my very first draft he was a straight up villain, and I had to dig deep to find that balance which made the hero in him shine.

What inspired you to become an author?

My love for books. I discovered books at an early age and I fell in love. After a time, I peppewellstarted crafting my own world in my head, and even started speaking to my characters. From as young as twelve years old I knew I had to write, but it was only in my twenties I found the courage to pursue my dream.

What other projects are you currently working on?

I am working on Scandalous House of Calydon #5, which is Marcus and Char story, to bethedukesshotgunwedding released in 2016. Book one in a new historical regency Wedded by Scandal series, which will also be published by Entangled publishing in 2016. I am also publishing a paranormal fantasy series, and book 2 ETERNAL FLAMES is set to release January 2016


Thank you for your time today Stacy! 😀

Thank you for having me!


About Stacy Reid

Stacy is an avid reader of novels with a deep passion for writing. She especially loves romance and adores writing about people falling in love. Stacy lives a lot in the worlds she creates and actively speaks to her characters (out loud). She has a warrior way, never give up on her dreams. When Stacy is not writing, she spends a copious amount of time drooling over Rick Grimes from Walking Dead, watching Japanese anime and playing video games with her love, Dusean Nelson.

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About The Royal Conquest

theroyalconquestHis dark seduction will be her undoing…

After being cruelly jilted by a lord who claimed to adore her, Miss Payton Peppiwell swore her future husband would be as ordinary as she. Now if only her family would listen to her. Then she meets Mikhail Konstantinovich, an untitled horse breeder, in a highly improper and scandalous encounter. Never had Payton expected to be so attracted to the dark, intriguing man, who seduces her to recklessness with a mere stare.

Mikhail abhors anything to do with intimacy. Yet Miss Peppiwell stirs hunger and a need long forgotten in him. But Mikhail has a dark past—one that means his lust must be sated in a way entirely unsuitable for a lady. But his biggest secret will be the hardest for Payton to overcome: Mikhail is not only titled, he’s a prince…

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