New Release! All He Desires – Nate & Eliza (Crossroads Book 12)

Happy new book release to authors Melanie Shawn! About All He Desires – Nate & Eliza, the twelfth book in The Crossroads series, is available now!


About All He Desires – Nate & Eliza by Melanie Shawn

Stand-alone Crossroads romance, complete with HEA—and plenty of heat and heart along the way!

allhedesires_melanieshawnFormer Army Ranger and cyber security specialist Nate Holmes was a genius in all things computers. The sexy, muscled Adonis could fix any technical problem he was faced with, but when it came to matters of the heart, there was one issue he couldn’t face…how he felt about her…

Eliza Young thought she’d put Harper’s Crossing in her rear view, but when a job opportunity opens up, the beautiful brunette is forced to return to her hometown and the setting of her unrequited first true love…

He thought he’d missed his chance, she thought she’d never had one. After ten years, fate had finally reunited Nate and Eliza, but the question remains–what do you do when you get a chance to get it right this time? Will Nate have the courage and heart to claim her and…All He Desires…

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The Crossroads Series

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New Release! Shotgun Wedding by Ainslie Paton

Happy new book release to author Ainslie Paton! The fourth book in the Sidelined series released today. A story full of wedding fiascos and laugh-out-loud, sentimental moments.
Shotgun Wedding was another good addition to the Sidelined series from author Ainslie Paton.
Review copy received from the Author


About Shotgun Wedding by Ainslie Paton

Marry in Haste. Hell, Yeah

Warning: Do not read this book if you dislike weddings.

Reid wants a ring on Zarley’s finger, but Zarley doesn’t need a wedding to feel married to shotgunwedding_ainsliepatonReid. Owen is ready to start a family, but Cara isn’t sure she wants kids. Sarina is pregnant and proposed to Dev and he wants a wedding—by the weekend.

Venue, guest list, invitations, the dress, the suit, rings, vows, catering. It’s a lot to get done in a few days. What could possibly go wrong?

Only one thing is certain with this shotgun wedding, love is the trigger and hearts will take a direct hit of happiness.

For better, for worse, forever.

This is for readers who enjoy catching up with the HEAs of couples in the Sidelined series. All the stories in Sidelined can be read independently, in any order, except Shotgun Wedding, which is more fun if read after Offensive Behavior, Damaged Goods and Sold Short.

Shotgun Wedding includes a bonus Sidelined Origins story, Running Interference, about how Reid and Dev met Sarina and Owen.

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The Sidelined Series

OffensiveBehavior_AinsliePaton DamagedGoods_AinsliePaton_BookCover soldshortainsliepaton shotgunwedding_ainsliepaton


Excerpt from Shotgun Wedding.

Reid was on his knee before he recognized the movement for what it was.

She did. “Reid?”

“Marry me, Zarley.”

She gave a resigned sigh. “You had a scare and I’m mad with you for not telling me.”

“Marry me, Zarley.”

“It’s a formality and we don’t need it. And note to self. Don’t ask a woman to marry you when she’s mad with you.”

“You’re mad about me and I f****** need it.”

She came around the table and stood in front of him, hands jammed on her hips. “You already own me, body, heart and soul. I don’t need anything else from you but what we’ve got.” She took his chin in her hand. “What I know we’re going to have forever.”

“It’s not enough.” He intended that to come out with force, to match the way he jerked his face from her hands and got to his feet. They stood close, body-brushing distance.

Zarley was forced to tip her head back to look him in the eye. “If you die on me, last thing I’m going to care about is a fight over your money.”

“Since we agree on that, I don’t see what the problem with some paperwork is?”

She glanced away, a mischievous look on her face. “I guess I have to admit I want to keep my options open.”

Something inside him fishtailed and slid sideways. Merciless little witch. She was playing with him. He got in her face. It was a precursor to getting inside her shorts. “Your options closed out the moment you stood in the wings of that stage and let me see you. The moment you seduced me by being fearless on your pole. You sealed your fate when you punched out an a**hole in the alley and called me on being a drunk.”

She pushed his face away. “I thought you were a drug dealer.”

“And still you picked me up when I was down and put me to bed when everyone else would’ve left me to rot.” He said that while trailing a finger up her arm, from wrist to elbow, into the divot of muscle in her bicep and up to her shoulder. They both watched his hand.

“I did more than put you to bed,” she said, as he flattened his palm over her chest, thumb to the pulse jumping in her neck.

“Your choice in the matter of us was made when you went to your knees in my shower. When you took me to bed and showed me what to do with my body to make your body feel good.”

She leaned into his hand. “I rocked your world.” She did it every time she smiled at him. Every time he went to bed with her in his arms. She’d tilted his world on a whole new axis, made it revolve around her.

“It was game over for you when you drew up that list of all the ways we could pleasure each other and when you took me places I’d never have gone alone, made me a voyeur and a man who agreed to share you.”

“You don’t share.” Said with a wicked pout, a practice kiss; the shape her lips made when they were waiting for his.

He’d shared her that once in the park in Paris. “Not unless you make me.” And she could. She could make him do anything, even give up on this need to tie her to him legally.

She was right, it was a formality. It made his will a tidier document, less open to being f***** with if one of the charities he gave to decided they didn’t like a common law girlfriend taking the bulk of his assets.

“You scared I’ll leave you?”

“Nope.” Her one true failing was loving him stupid. And he knew what to look for. How to measure her touch and her kiss and her way of being with him against her own insecurity and ambition. He was never going to let those things come between them again.

She laughed, put her hand to his stomach where his temper still roiled. “Then what is this about?”

Dev and Sarina would marry. If Owen didn’t get a ring stuck on Cara’s finger before Sarina’s belly popped, Reid would be forced to concede he was wrong about the rightness of the two of them. He was never wrong.

“What’s the problem with a man wanting a woman to be his all the ways there are?”

“No problem.” Zarley edged closer so that all along their bodies, they grazed. “What’s the problem with a woman wanting to be a man’s partner without having that partnership defined in terms religions and lawyers find acceptable?”

Fuck, he wanted her. His spine was electric with it, his throat gone tight so his voice came out low when he said, “No problem,” in a way that made her shiver.

They stared at each other. If they touched, there’d be no more debate. If they touched there’d be instructions, hers; assurances, his. There’d be breathless grunts and inarticulate groans, a language all theirs when they came together in a clarifying rush of heat and tension and freedom.

“You win.” He put his hand to her face and sealed his lips over hers. She would always win, because she never asked anything of him he wouldn’t ultimately give.

Didn’t mean he’d stop wanting.


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New Release! Phoenix Blood by Jenny Schwartz

Happy new release to author Jenny Schwartz! The first book in Jenny’s newest series Old School is available now!

Phoenix Blood by author Jenny Schwartz was a good series starter with interesting characters, animated confrontations with fiery magnetism between Sadie and Marcus keeping this reader effortlessly keep the pages turning.
Review copy received from the Author


About Phoenix Blood by Jenny Schwartz

In a grim biker bar with wizard mercenaries on her tail and a “found” amulet around her phoenexblood_jennyschwartzneck, Sadie Howard needs a miracle. What she gets is the man who broke her heart nine years ago.

Marcus Aurelius is a changed man, in more ways than one. The preppy, confident medical school student is now a hard-bitten, magic-wielding assassin. He’s also a man on a mission. He has debts to pay and old wrongs to right before he dies—sometime this week.

As the secrets of Marcus’s heart are revealed, Sadie learns that nothing is as it seems and that the man who broke her heart also saved her life and paid in agony for her freedom.

With wizards trying to kill her, phoenix blood burning in Marcus’s veins, and a villain who’ll stop at nothing to acquire the amulet Sadie has promised to a friend, their roadtrip is a one-way ticket to extraordinary adventures. The question is, who will survive?

Phoenix Blood is the first novel in the new paranormal romance thriller series, Old School. Each novel is a standalone read. Watch out for Fantastical Island in February 2017.

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New Release! All He Feels – Dax & Ginny by Melanie Shawn

Happy new release to authors Melanie Shawn! All He Feels releases today, the eleventh book in The Crossroads series.


About All He Feels by Melanie Shawn

One night sealed their fate…

Virginia “Ginny” Valentine didn’t think she could feel so connected to another person after allhefeels_melanieshawnone night of “just talking.” The beautiful and famous country singer had everything in her life…everything but that connection. And after experiencing it for the first time, she wanted more, and she wanted it with him…

Dax Archer felt it the second he laid eyes on her. From that moment, the bodyguard and former Marine knew he had to make her his in every way possible. But when she disappeared from his life after leaving only a note to say she’d never forget him, he didn’t know how…

With some time set aside to create new music, Ginny was also ready to create something special with the man that consumed her every waking thought. After being reunited with the woman who owned him mind, body and soul, he was ready to make her feel all that he felt and more…

Stand-alone Crossroads romance, complete with HEA—and plenty of heat and heart along the way!

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The Crossroads Series

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New Release! Beyond Surrender by Kit Rocha

Happy new release to authors Kit Rocha! Beyond Surrender, the final book in the Beyond series is available now!

Beyond Surrender was a powerhouse read with dramatic moments, and some hellish scenes faced by the series regulars, with life altering consequences for the beloved O’Kane characters, that bring to the forefront emotions that effortlessly poured from the pages. Beyond Surrender is the ninth full length novel in the Beyond series from authors Kit Rocha. Not all nine books in the series have flawed this reader, but all have contributed and added their own layer to the Beyond series – a series that has portrayed a vast array of eclectic, attention grabbing, entertaining characters. Beyond Surrender was a full circle read and a fitting finale to what has been an unmissable, explosive series.
Review copy received from the Authors



Short Excerpt – Beyond Surrender by Kit Rocha

Ryder touched her chin again—just a touch, with the gentlest pressure. It would have been easy for her to twist her face away, but she straightened slowly instead. With him sitting on the desk, they were almost eye-to- eye.

Except he wasn’t looking at her eyes. His gaze dropped to her mouth, and the air between them crackled. Nessa took an unsteady breath, fighting the sudden urge to nervously wet her lips.

He could kiss her. Right here, like this. He could kiss her, and that might be all it took to wreck her world, because he was looking at her like he knew what to do with his mouth.

What to do with her mouth. It wouldn’t be sloppy and clumsy like the drunk fighters who’d tried to gag her with their tongues as some kind of weird dominance ritual.

If Ryder kissed her, he wouldn’t have anything to prove. He didn’t need her connection to the O’Kanes or her ability to make money. He had his own power and people and wealth. He’d be kissing her to kiss her, and her body ached in a million places she never realized could ache.

If Ryder kissed her, it would be the best sex she’d ever had. Even if it stopped at just a kiss.

About Beyond Surrender by Kit Rocha  (Beyond Series, book 9)

She’s the heart of O’Kane liquor.

For years, Nessa has been focused on work. She keeps the whiskey—and the money—beyondsurrender_kitrochaflowing, and life is sweet. Sure, she’s tired of being everyone’s baby sister, and she longs for a man who can stand up to her overprotective O’Kane brothers. But she never thought she’d meet him in the middle of a war.

He’s the brains of the revolution.

War is all Ryder knows. He was raised with one goal: to ensure the sectors’ successful rebellion against Eden. His father and his mentor both died for freedom, and nothing will stop him from securing their legacies with victory. He doesn’t have time for distractions—especially beautiful, impulsive ones like Nessa.

Opposites don’t just attract, they combust. Together, Nessa and Ryder have a chance for something more than the lives they’ve always known. But this is war—deadly, bloody war—and the only way to happily-ever-after is straight through Eden.

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Giant Boxset Sale

To make it easier for new readers to pick up and go with the series, we have a LIMITED TIME offer: a giant “catch up” glom bundle that will be on sale ONLY through the end of December. Anyone who’s interested in the final book and wants to start from the beginning can save 75% off the normal list price by picking this up!

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The Spin-Off Series: Gideon’s Riders

ashwin_gideonsriders_kitrochaThe next chapter in the story of the Sectors is already up for pre-order! Gideon’s Riders will be set in Sector One and feature Ashwin & Kora, finally telling the story of the Base’s most dangerous soldier and the woman he can’t stop thinking about.

Ashwin, Gideon’s Riders #1 releases March 2017!

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