The Ultimate Review: Mount Union Football Score Card 2019

The Ultimate Review: Mount Union Football Score Card 2019

Hey there, card ⁣collectors! Today, ⁤we’re diving ⁣into the world of vintage sports cards‌ with⁣ a review of the 2019 Score #310 ⁢Pierre Garcon 49ers Football​ Card. This card⁤ is in near mint to mint condition and features Garcon during his time with the San Francisco 49ers, representing the University of Mount Union. As avid collectors ourselves, we were thrilled to add this gem to our collection and couldn’t ⁣wait to share ⁢our thoughts with you. So, sit back, relax, and let’s⁤ talk all things Pierre Garcon and​ 49ers football!

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Overview ‍

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When it comes to collecting vintage sports ⁣cards, the ⁢2019 Score #310⁢ Pierre Garcon 49ers card is a ​must-have for any fan of ​the 49ers​ or Pierre Garcon. As ⁣the leading​ online seller of vintage sports cards,​ Dean’s Cards ⁣has over a million cards in⁢ inventory, so you ⁤can trust that you are getting ⁣an authentic and high-quality product. Plus,​ with ​one shipping charge for all​ orders and same-day shipping for most orders, you ​can start enjoying your new card in no time.

The 2019 Score‌ #310 Pierre Garcon 49ers card is not only a great addition to any collection, but it also makes for ⁢a thoughtful gift for any Pierre ​Garcon fan. With ​the ⁣actual scan of the card shown in the image, you can see exactly what you will be receiving. So, why wait? Add this card to your collection today and experience the top-notch service and‍ quality ‍that Dean’s Cards has to offer.

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Product Features and Highlights

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The ⁢2019 Score # ⁤310 Pierre Garcon 49ers football card ‍is‌ a must-have for any fan ‍of Pierre Garcon or the 49ers. Featuring ‍a unique design and showcasing Garcon in action, this ‍card is a great addition to any collection. The card is‍ in⁣ Near Mint to Mint condition,‌ making⁤ it a valuable and pristine⁤ piece for any collector.

One of the‍ highlights of ‌this product ⁣is the ⁣fact that‌ we, as the ⁢#1 seller of vintage cards online, offer over 1.5 million⁣ sports cards in‌ inventory. Additionally, ‍we ⁣provide quick and personalized service, guaranteeing that ​you will⁢ be satisfied with your⁣ purchase. With one shipping charge, no matter‍ how many cards you order, and most orders shipping the same day, buying from us ‌is a ⁣convenient and⁤ reliable ⁤choice. Don’t miss out ⁢on adding ⁢this ⁤fantastic Pierre Garcon ⁢card to ‍your collection!

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Detailed Insights⁣ and Recommendations

After ‌taking‍ a closer look at the ⁤2019 ⁢Score‌ #310 Pierre⁢ Garcon‌ 49ers (Football Card), we are pleased to offer our . This card is a must-have for any Pierre Garcon fan and would be a ⁤great addition to any 49ers‍ collector’s ⁤collection. The⁣ card features a clean design and showcases ‍Pierre ‌Garcon in his 49ers uniform, making it a desirable piece for football⁤ card enthusiasts.

As the #1‌ seller ‍of vintage cards online, Dean’s Cards⁢ offers⁢ over 1.5 million sports cards in inventory, ensuring that you have a wide selection to choose from. ⁢With quick and personal ‍service, you can trust Dean’s ‌Cards to provide you with⁣ a seamless ⁢purchasing experience.⁤ Plus, with one ⁤shipping charge for⁢ multiple cards and same-day⁣ shipping for​ most orders,⁣ buying from Dean’s Cards is convenient and ⁣efficient. Don’t miss out ‌on adding this Pierre Garcon card⁣ to your⁤ collection!

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Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

After carefully⁢ analyzing​ customer reviews for the⁤ 2019 Score #310 Pierre Garcon‍ 49ers ⁢Football Card from the University of Mount Union, we have compiled a comprehensive report highlighting the most common themes and opinions expressed by‍ buyers.

Overall Satisfaction

Rating Feedback
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Customers were highly satisfied with the quality and condition of the card.
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Some buyers mentioned minor imperfections, but overall, they were happy with their purchase.
⭐️⭐️⭐️ A few ​customers ‌reported​ receiving damaged cards, which impacted their satisfaction.

Value for⁤ Money

Buyers appreciated the competitive pricing‌ of the card, considering‌ its rarity and significance. Most felt that it was a worthwhile investment for football card collectors.


The card’s association with Pierre Garcon ⁤and the⁤ University of Mount Union added to its appeal, making it a sought-after item ⁣for‌ fans‍ and enthusiasts. Collectors were pleased to add it⁢ to their memorabilia collections.

Shipping and Customer Service

Some customers​ praised the fast and​ secure shipping ​provided by ​the seller, ⁣while others had issues with delayed deliveries and unresponsive customer service. Overall, there ⁢were mixed opinions on ‍the shipping experience.

Based on‌ our analysis,⁤ the 2019 Score #310 Pierre Garcon ‍49ers Football Card received generally positive reviews, with most⁢ buyers ‌expressing ⁣satisfaction ‌with their ⁢purchase.

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons


1. Perfect for Pierre Garcon fans
2. Great addition⁤ to any 49ers collection
3. High quality NM/MT condition
4. One Shipping Charge for multiple cards
5.‌ Quick shipping – most‍ orders ship ‌same day


1. Limited availability
2. ⁢Higher⁢ price point compared to some other cards
3. ‌Specific to ⁢Pierre Garcon and 49ers fans only

Overall, the‍ 2019 Score #310⁢ Pierre Garcon‌ 49ers Football Card is a must-have for any fan of ‍the player or the team. Its high ‍quality condition, quick shipping, and‌ the option for one⁣ shipping charge for multiple​ cards ⁢make it a⁢ convenient choice for collectors. However, the limited⁢ availability and higher price point compared to other cards may be drawbacks for ​some buyers. Regardless, it’s a valuable addition to any⁣ sports card collection.


Q: Is the card in good condition?
A: Yes, ⁣the card is in ‌near mint to mint condition.
Q: Are you ⁣able to ship internationally?
A:⁣ Yes, we​ are able to ship internationally for an additional fee.
Q: Can I combine shipping if I purchase multiple cards?
A: Yes, we offer one shipping charge ‍no matter how many cards you purchase.‌
Q: Can I trust the authenticity of the card?
A: Yes, we guarantee the authenticity‍ of all our cards. We have ⁣been in business since 2001 and are ⁢the leading online seller of vintage sports cards.

Seize the Opportunity

As we⁢ conclude​ our ultimate review of the Mount‌ Union Football Score Card 2019 featuring Pierre⁣ Garcon​ of the 49ers, we ​are thrilled to recommend this must-have ⁢collectible for any fan of vintage sports cards. With Dean’s⁣ Cards as the⁣ leading online seller ​of vintage cards, you can trust in the quality and authenticity of your purchase. Don’t miss ​out‍ on adding​ this gem to your collection!

If you’re ready to‍ own a piece of football history, ⁤click here to ‌purchase your very own 2019 Score #310 ‍Pierre⁤ Garcon 49ers (Football Card) ⁢NM/MT 49ers University of ⁤Mount‍ Union now!

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