Unlocking Epic Adventures: Reviewing the Complete Works of Jin Yong (36-Book Set)

Welcome to ‍our review of ​the “(朗声旧版)金庸作品集套装(套装全36册)附白马啸西风、鸳鸯刀、越女剑”! As avid readers and fans of classic literature, ‍we couldn’t resist diving into this 36-volume set of Jin Yong’s works. From the iconic “白马啸西风” to the thrilling‍ “鸳鸯刀” ⁣and the mesmerizing “越女剑”, each book in‌ this⁣ collection promises ⁤to transport you to the captivating world created by one of⁣ China’s most renowned authors. Join us⁢ as we explore the pages of these masterpieces and share ⁤our ‌thoughts on this must-have set for any Jin Yong enthusiast. Let’s embark on this literary​ adventure together!

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As we delve into this epic collection of classic novels​ by‌ the renowned author, Jin Yong, we are captivated by the rich storytelling and vivid characters that come ‍to life within the pages of these 36 volumes. Each book‌ in this set offers a unique and thrilling adventure, from the legendary tale of “White Horse Neighing in the West Wind” to the martial arts drama ‍unfolding in “Yan Yan Knife” and “Vietnamese Sword”. The intricate plots and intricate characters kept us ⁤on the edge of our seats, eagerly turning ⁣the pages to uncover the next twist and turn.

This comprehensive set, published by 广州出版社, showcases Jin Yong’s masterful storytelling in its original Chinese language, allowing readers to fully immerse themselves in the‌ ancient world of martial arts and honor. With a total of 100 pages in each paperback book, this collection is​ suitable for readers aged ⁢15 and above, making it a timeless addition to any book lover’s library. Weighing a total of 32.9⁤ pounds, this set is a substantial addition to our collection, reflecting the weighty impact of Jin Yong’s literary legacy.

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Key Features and⁤ Aspects

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In this comprehensive collection of 36 volumes of classic works by Jin Yong, readers will ⁣find themselves ⁢immersed in a world of martial ⁢arts, honor, ⁤and intrigue. Each paperback edition is thoughtfully ‍crafted with attention to detail, ‍making it a delight to read and display on your bookshelf.​ With a reading⁢ age recommended for those ⁣15 years and up, these timeless tales⁢ will captivate readers of all ages.

The lightweight yet sturdy construction of these volumes make them ⁣easy to handle and ‍transport, whether you’re reading at home or ⁢on the go. The ISBN-10 ​and ISBN-13 numbers provided ensure ⁣that you can easily reference ⁢and locate these volumes in your collection. At 32.9 pounds for the ⁢entire ⁣set, this collection is a treasure trove of adventure and Chinese literature that you won’t want to miss out on. Don’t‍ hesitate to add ‍this set to your library today! Visit here to make your ⁢purchase.

Detailed Insights

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When delving into the (朗声旧版)金庸作品集套装,⁣ we were pleasantly surprised by ⁢the sheer‍ volume of content included in this​ set. With a total of‍ 36⁤ books, ​it’s safe to say that fans of Jin Yong’s work will have their hands full for quite some time. Each ‌book brings to life vivid characters ‍and intricate plots that‌ have captivated readers for ⁤generations.

The set comes neatly packaged in⁢ a‌ compact‌ and lightweight design, making it easy to ​transport and ‌store. Despite its expansive nature, the paperback format ensures that each book is lightweight and‌ easy to handle. The reading age of 15 years and up suggests that these novels are ⁢suitable for a wide range of audiences, from young adults to ⁣seasoned readers. For ⁣those looking ⁢to ‍immerse themselves in the rich ⁣tapestry of⁤ Jin Yong’s storytelling, this collection is a must-have addition to any bookshelf. So why not treat yourself to this treasure trove⁢ of literary classics? Check it out on Amazon now!

Specific Recommendations

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When looking ‌for a complete collection of timeless classics, we couldn’t recommend this ⁢set more. With a total of 36 volumes, each one filled with gripping stories and iconic characters, it ‌is truly a treasure trove for any fan of Jin Yong’s masterpieces.⁢ The paperbacks are beautifully crafted and the language is rich,​ making the reading experience both enjoyable and immersive.

One thing‍ that⁤ stands⁢ out about this collection ⁢is its versatility. ‌It can be a great gift for a loved one, a fantastic⁤ addition to your personal library, or even a valuable resource for ⁢Chinese language learners looking ⁤to practice their reading ‌skills. The weight of the set may seem daunting at first (32.9 pounds!), but trust ⁣us, ‍the content inside more than makes up for it. So why wait? Dive into the world of Jin Yong today⁣ by ‌getting your‍ hands on this incredible set!

Customer Reviews ‍Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After carefully analyzing the customer reviews for the “(朗声旧版)金庸作品集套装(套装全36册)附白马啸西风、鸳鸯刀、越女剑” set, we are excited to ⁣share our findings ⁤with you!

Overall Impressions:

Customers were overwhelmingly satisfied with this 36-book set of Jin Yong’s complete works. Words like “excellent,” “good quality,” and “great” were commonly used to describe the books and the overall experience⁣ with the​ seller.

Printing Quality:

The printing ⁢job on these ⁣books was praised for ‌being nicely done.⁤ Customers appreciated‌ the thick pages that‌ prevented any “see through” and made for an enjoyable reading experience.

Customer Support:

Many customers noted the great support ‍they received from the seller, who went above​ and beyond to ensure they were aware of any package imperfections.⁢ This personalized touch was greatly appreciated.

Weight and Packaging:

Despite its 36-book ⁢size, customers were⁢ pleasantly⁤ surprised by the light weight of the set. The seller’s attention to packaging details ⁣helped ensure the books arrived in great ⁢condition.

Customer Review Rating
Books are excellent. ⁢Printing job was nicely done. ‌The ​books are light weight, the pages are thick enough so⁤ there’s no “see through”. 5 stars
Great seller. ⁣They contacted me before shipping to‍ make‌ sure I was aware of all package imperfections since this is⁤ a really heavy​ book set. Turned out to be much better than I ⁢expected. 4.5 stars
It is good ⁢quality, and great support! Recommend! 5 stars
Great. 4 stars
I finally got my favorite Chinese ⁤Kungfu ⁣novels! 5 stars

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons


Complete collection of Jin⁤ Yong’s works
Beautifully packaged set
Great value for money
Perfect for collectors and‌ fans of martial arts literature
Diverse range of stories and characters


Heavy weight makes it difficult to transport
Chinese language may be ⁤a barrier for non-Chinese speakers
Not suitable for younger readers due to ⁢mature themes
Some readers may find the writing style outdated

Overall, the complete works of Jin Yong in this 36-book set offer a treasure trove of epic adventures and captivating storytelling. While the weight and language barrier may pose challenges for some readers, the ⁤value and depth of content make it a⁢ must-have for any enthusiast of martial arts literature.


Q: ​What can I expect from this 36-book set of Jin Yong works?

A: With this complete collection, you can ‌expect to dive into a world filled with epic adventures, intricate plots, and unforgettable characters. Jin Yong’s works are known for their blend of martial arts, romance, and historical settings, making for‌ a truly captivating reading experience.

Q: Are the books ​in this set all in Chinese?

A:⁣ Yes, all 36 books in this set are in Chinese. However, even if you are not fluent in Chinese, this set ​can still be a valuable addition to your collection for language practice or for the beauty of the ‍language itself.

Q: How is the quality of the paperback books​ in this set?

A: The quality of the paperback books is quite good, with sturdy binding and clear printing. Each book is a manageable size for reading and handling, ⁢making it easy to immerse ‍yourself in Jin Yong’s world without any⁢ distractions.

Q: Are there any ​special editions of ‍Jin Yong’s works ​included in this set?

A: Yes, this set ​includes special editions of some of Jin Yong’s most famous works, such as “白马啸西风,” “鸳鸯刀,” and “越女剑.” These editions may feature added content, beautiful illustrations,‌ or other extras that enhance the reading experience.

Q: What​ age group is this set recommended for?

A: This set is recommended for readers aged 15 and up, due to the complexity ‍of Jin Yong’s storytelling and the themes explored in his works. However, readers of all ages who enjoy a good adventure story will likely find something​ to love in ⁣this collection.

Achieve⁣ New ⁤Heights

As we come to the end of our epic journey through the complete works of ‌Jin Yong, we⁢ hope our‌ review has provided you with valuable insights into this 36-book set. The magic of these timeless tales will captivate readers of all ages ⁤and transport them to a world of martial arts, romance, and adventure.

If you’re ready to embark on this literary adventure yourself, click here to grab your⁤ own copy of the “(朗声旧版)金庸作品集套装(套装全36册)附白马啸西风、鸳鸯刀、越女剑” and unlock a treasure trove of captivating stories: Get your 36-book set now!

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