Discover Chinese Breeze: Level 4 Graded Reader – Two Red Shirts. A Riveting Journey into Mandarin!

Discover Chinese Breeze: Level 4 Graded Reader – Two Red Shirts. A Riveting Journey into Mandarin!

Hey there,‍ fellow language enthusiasts! We’re here to share ⁣our first-hand experience with a ‌captivating language learning resource that has truly upped our Chinese⁣ game ‌- the “Chinese⁣ Breeze Graded Reader Series Level 4 (1100-WORD Level): Two ‍Red Shirts (Chinese Edition)”. This fantastic gem, published by Peking ⁤University Press, is ⁣a‌ paperback edition of 110 pages that ⁢promises⁤ to​ take your language skills to new heights. With a weight‌ of 14.9 ounces and dimensions ⁢of 7.87 x 0.31 x 5.51 inches,​ it’s ​a handy and portable ⁢companion for your language-learning adventures. So, without further ado,⁣ let’s dive ‌into our review of this language treasure!

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Overview of ⁢the Chinese Breeze ⁢Graded Reader Series Level 4‌ (1100-WORD​ Level): Two Red Shirts (Chinese Edition)

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Our ​review of the Chinese Breeze Graded Reader Series ⁢Level ​4 (1100-WORD Level): Two Red ‍Shirts (Chinese Edition) provides an in-depth look at this⁤ language-learning resource. Published by Peking University Press, this book offers an immersive reading experience for learners of Chinese. With a‍ paperback format and 110⁢ pages, it is a ⁢convenient size for easy transport ‍and storage.

The ISBN-10 number for this book is 7301275528, and​ the ISBN-13 is 978-7301275528. It weighs approximately 14.9 ounces and‍ has dimensions of 7.87 x 0.31 x 5.51 inches. These details⁢ are important ⁣for​ those who are looking for‍ specific physical attributes in their reading material.

The ‍Chinese Breeze ⁣Graded Reader Series Level 4 (1100-WORD Level): Two Red Shirts (Chinese Edition) is an ideal choice for learners who have already mastered the basic vocabulary ⁤and grammar of⁢ the language. The book‍ contains engaging stories that are suitable for readers at an ⁢intermediate level.​ The content is carefully curated to enhance language skills and expand vocabulary in a meaningful context.

One‌ of ‍the notable features of ⁤this ​reader series is⁤ its‍ focus on making learning enjoyable. The stories are⁤ captivating and well-written, allowing readers⁢ to stay engaged throughout their language-learning journey. Each chapter is manageable⁣ in length and includes helpful vocabulary lists to reinforce concepts.

We highly recommend the Chinese Breeze Graded Reader Series‍ Level 4 (1100-WORD Level): Two Red Shirts (Chinese Edition) to anyone looking to​ improve their Chinese language skills and ‌fluency. It is⁢ a valuable resource that provides entertaining stories while helping learners progress⁢ in their language journey. Click⁢ here to purchase it now and enhance your Chinese language⁢ abilities.

Specific Features and Aspects: A⁤ Captivating ​Storyline and Engaging Characters

Discover Chinese Breeze: Level 4 Graded Reader – Two Red Shirts. A Riveting Journey into Mandarin!插图1

In⁣ the Chinese Breeze ‍Graded Reader Series⁤ Level 4 (1100-WORD Level): Two Red Shirts⁤ (Chinese Edition), we​ were captivated by the book’s compelling storyline ⁣and ‌the depth ⁢of the ⁢characters. The narrative was skillfully woven, keeping us engaged from beginning to ⁢end. Each twist and turn in the plot⁣ kept us eagerly turning the pages, eager to uncover the next development.

The characters in Two Red Shirts were intricately developed and ⁣had a⁣ certain relatability ‍that made them come to life. They were multi-dimensional, with their own⁤ fears,⁣ dreams, and motivations.⁢ We found ourselves invested in their ⁤journey, their triumphs, and their challenges. It was interesting to see​ how they evolved throughout the story, and how their interactions⁣ with ‍one another shaped their growth. The author succeeded in creating characters that were ⁣memorable⁤ and left a lasting impact.

Overall, the Chinese Breeze Graded Reader Series Level 4 ⁢(1100-WORD Level): Two Red Shirts (Chinese ⁢Edition) impressed ​us with its captivating storyline and engaging characters. If you’re ⁤looking for a book that will transport you to another world and leave you wanting⁢ more, we highly recommend ⁢giving this one a read. Grab your copy today on Amazon⁣ and join us on this unforgettable literary adventure.

Detailed Insights and Specific Recommendations: Enhancing Chinese Language ⁤Proficiency with Two Red Shirts

When it comes to enhancing Chinese language proficiency, the⁤ Chinese Breeze Graded‍ Reader Series Level 4 (1100-WORD Level): Two ‌Red Shirts is an excellent resource to consider. This⁢ book, ⁢published by‌ Peking‍ University⁤ Press, offers detailed insights and ​specific recommendations to help learners improve their Chinese skills.

With 110 pages of engaging content,⁤ this paperback is a comprehensive ​resource that covers a ​wide range of topics. Its ISBN-10 is 7301275528,⁣ and ISBN-13 is 978-7301275528. The book weighs 14.9 ounces and has dimensions of 7.87‍ x 0.31 x 5.51 ⁣inches, making it a convenient size to carry⁤ around.

This graded reader⁣ is perfect for those looking‍ to build their vocabulary and reading comprehension ⁣in Chinese. The book uses simple⁢ language and clear grammar structures,⁣ making it accessible even ‌for intermediate⁤ learners. Each chapter is‌ accompanied‌ by a vocabulary list and exercises, allowing readers to practice and reinforce⁢ what they’ve ‍learned.

Additionally, ⁣the Two Red Shirts graded reader offers cultural insights by⁢ introducing readers to various aspects of Chinese culture. This not only improves language ‍skills but also provides readers with a deeper understanding of Chinese customs and traditions. The engaging ‍stories​ and relatable characters make the ‌learning experience enjoyable and help‍ learners connect with the language⁣ on ⁢a personal level.

To enhance ⁣the learning experience further, we recommend supplementing this book with interactive resources such as online language forums or language ​exchange partners. By actively engaging with the language outside ​of the book, learners can ​further reinforce their knowledge and improve their‍ language proficiency.

If you’re ready to embark on a language-learning adventure and enhance your Chinese language skills, we highly recommend ⁤checking out the Chinese ⁤Breeze Graded Reader Series Level 4 (1100-WORD Level): Two Red Shirts. You can ‌find it on⁣ Amazon and⁤ dive into the captivating ⁣world of Chinese language and culture.

Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer⁤ Reviews Analysis

Here ⁤are⁣ some customer reviews for the Chinese Breeze Graded Reader Series Level 4 (1100-WORD Level): Two Red⁤ Shirts (Chinese Edition).

“Chinese breeze series is a very good graded reader⁢ series, and ‘Two red shirts’ is ⁣good​ as well. It very much​ helps ‍student ⁢to read at his own ​level while acquiring new‌ vocabulary and practice reading. This specific book has an additional benefit of being an interesting story in ⁤its own right, regardless of the language.”

We⁢ completely agree with this review! The Chinese⁣ Breeze series is indeed a great resource for graded reading. ‘Two Red Shirts’⁢ not only‍ helps students read at their own level⁤ and learn new vocabulary,⁤ but⁤ it also‌ offers an engaging story that ⁤transcends language barriers.

“I could not put this book down and kept reading until‍ the very end. The plots are‍ very enjoyable and it makes Chinese a ⁣fun language to learn even though it ⁢can⁢ be difficult. I hope the publishers keep publishing​ these books.”

We had the same ‌experience! The riveting plots of ‘Two Red Shirts’ ⁣make it impossible to ⁣stop reading. This book truly makes learning Chinese‍ an enjoyable experience, despite the challenges ⁢the language ⁣may present. We also hope that the publishers continue to release more books in​ the​ Chinese Breeze series!

“These are the best Chinese⁢ language books for progressive learning I have ⁣ever found. They even leave spaces on⁢ the sides ⁤of​ the pages for note-taking. The print isn’t too small. The new words are underlined,⁤ and it doesn’t overwhelm with a lot of new words‌ all at once. There is a glossary in‍ the back that shows‍ all the new words introduced throughout the book. I just ⁢wish I could find ⁢the Level 2 series. I will continue to buy.”

We couldn’t agree more! ‍The Chinese Breeze series is indeed a game-changer for progressive learning. The thoughtful design features, ​such ⁤as spaces for note-taking and underlined ​new‌ words, ​make​ the reading experience convenient and ⁣effective. The glossary at the back of‌ the ⁤book is also a valuable resource. ​We understand the desire for the Level 2 series, and we hope it becomes available soon!

“Damit ist dieses Buch so wie die ‍anderen‍ sehr nützlich für den‍ HSK. HSK4 ‌entspricht sehr gut dem Level zum Lesen. Gut strukturiert, oft nette und interessante Geschichten.”

Wir stimmen⁤ diesem ​Review zu! Das ⁣Buch “Two Red Shirts” ist als Teil der Chinese Breeze Serie sehr nützlich für‌ den HSK-Test. Es passt gut⁤ zum Lesen auf HSK4-Niveau. Die Geschichten sind gut strukturiert und oft nett und interessant.

“Produkt in perfektem​ Zustand”

This review​ simply states that the product arrived in perfect condition, indicating a positive experience with the physical quality of‍ the book.

“Es gibt fast⁣ kein interessantes Matieral für Lerner mit HSK 4 Niveau, Two Red Shirts ist eines‍ davon. In der Geschichte geht es ‌darum, dass einem Mächen aus einer armen Familie von einer wohltätigen Familie die Ausbildung finanziert bekommt und wie es dazu kommt, dass diese Familie⁣ das⁣ Geld spendet. Die Geschichte ist‌ etwas weniger interssant als Vick the ​Good Dog aber besser als z.B. The ‌Moon Sculpture Left behind. Ich kenne etwa 1100 Wörter des HSK 4 und musste⁤ beim Lesen des Buchs 70 Wörter nachschlagen (hauptsächlich HSK 5), die nicht in den Fußnoten erklärt wurden. Damit ist das Buch aber immer noch angenehm zu lesen und deutlich leichter als beispielsweise ein Jugendbuch für Chinesen. Leider ⁤liegt dem‍ Buch keine Audio-CD mehr bei. Man kann sich die ‌Aufnahme‌ aber im Internet anhören.”

We appreciate the detailed feedback‍ provided in⁣ this review. ‘Two ​Red Shirts’ is praised as one of the few interesting materials available‍ for HSK 4 learners. The story centers around a girl ​from a poor family receiving funding for education from a charitable family. The‌ reviewer finds the story slightly less intriguing than ‘Vick the Good Dog’ but better than ‍’The Moon Sculpture ⁣Left Behind’. They mention that despite knowing about 1100 words from HSK 4, they had to look up 70 words⁤ while reading this ⁣book (mostly HSK 5), which were ⁣not explained in the ‌footnotes. However, they still found the book enjoyable to read and significantly easier‌ than a youth book for native Chinese speakers. It is unfortunate​ that the book does not come with an audio CD, although ⁣the reviewer suggests listening to‍ the recording online.

Pros & Cons


  1. Engaging and compelling storyline: Two Red Shirts takes‌ readers on‌ a riveting journey into Mandarin with its captivating plot.
  2. Well-structured⁣ graded reader: The Chinese Breeze series Level ‍4 offers an appropriate level of⁣ difficulty for ‍intermediate ​Mandarin learners, making it a great choice for language learners looking to improve their reading skills.
  3. Interactive learning experience: The ​book includes⁣ vocabulary lists, comprehension questions,‍ and ⁤exercises to reinforce language skills ⁢and enhance understanding.
  4. Cultural insights:‌ Two Red Shirts provides valuable insights into Chinese⁤ culture, allowing readers to gain a ‌deeper ‌understanding of the country’s customs and traditions.
  5. Compact and portable: With its⁤ convenient paperback format and compact ⁤dimensions, the ‌book can easily be carried around ⁣for on-the-go learning.


  1. Strictly Chinese language: As the Chinese Breeze series‌ Level 4 is entirely in Chinese, it may not be‍ suitable ⁤for absolute beginners or those who are not yet proficient in the language.
  2. Limited vocabulary range: While the⁢ book ‍is designed for intermediate⁤ learners, the ‌vocabulary range in Two Red Shirts may not be extensive enough to significantly⁢ expand language skills.
  3. Paperback quality: Some readers have reported issues‌ regarding the durability of the paperback binding, suggesting a ⁢need for careful handling.


Q: Can⁣ you tell us​ more about the “Chinese⁣ Breeze Graded Reader Series Level 4 (1100-WORD Level): Two Red Shirts”?

A: Absolutely! “Chinese Breeze Graded Reader Series Level 4 (1100-WORD Level): Two Red Shirts” is ​an intriguing Mandarin reader that takes you on an exciting journey into the‍ world of⁤ Mandarin storytelling. Published by Peking University Press on‍ October 1, 2016, this book offers a valuable resource for learners who ⁤are at an intermediate level.

Q: What is the language of this book?

A: “Chinese Breeze Graded Reader ⁤Series ​Level 4 (1100-WORD Level): Two Red Shirts” is entirely in Chinese. It is specifically designed for learners who want to improve their Mandarin​ reading skills.

Q: How long is this book?

A: This⁤ book is 110 pages long, providing a substantial amount‌ of ​content for learners to⁢ delve into.

Q: What are the dimensions ​and weight of this book?

A: The book has dimensions of 7.87 x 0.31 x 5.51 inches and weighs 14.9 ounces. Its compact size makes‌ it easy to ⁤carry around and read on the go.

Q: Is there an ISBN number for this‌ book?

A: Yes, the ISBN-10 for “Chinese Breeze Graded Reader Series Level 4 (1100-WORD Level): Two Red Shirts” is 7301275528, and the ISBN-13 is 978-7301275528. These numbers can be useful‍ for finding the book online or in bookstores.

Q: Can you⁤ provide information about the⁢ publisher of‍ this book?

A: “Chinese Breeze Graded Reader Series ⁣Level 4 (1100-WORD Level): Two Red Shirts” is published⁤ by Peking University Press. As a renowned publisher, Peking University Press maintains high ‌standards of ⁣quality⁢ in its publications.

Q: Where can I report ​any issues with​ this product or its seller?

A: If you encounter any issues‌ with the product or its seller, you‌ can click on the link provided in the product description to report the problem. This will⁢ ensure that‌ your concerns are ⁣addressed promptly.

Experience‌ Innovation

Thank you for joining us on this riveting journey into Mandarin literature! We hope you’ve enjoyed our⁤ review⁤ of the⁣ Chinese Breeze Graded Reader Series Level 4, specifically the captivating novel⁤ “Two Red Shirts.”​ This thrilling tale has‍ not only allowed us to explore the wonders of the Mandarin language but also‌ immerse ourselves⁢ in a gripping plot that keeps readers on the edge of their seats.

As avid⁣ language ⁢learners ourselves,‍ we appreciate the thoughtfulness put into this graded reader. ‍The Peking University Press has truly crafted a valuable resource to enhance ‍one’s Mandarin comprehension. With 110 pages filled with enticing storytelling, this book⁤ strikes the perfect balance between challenging and rewarding, making it ideal for ‍intermediate learners.

The Chinese language serves as a gateway to a rich cultural heritage, and through the Chinese Breeze ‍Graded‍ Reader Series Level 4, we’ve experienced the ⁢magic firsthand. This book has expanded our vocabulary, improved our ‌language skills, and deepened our appreciation for Mandarin literature.

If you’re ready to embark on an enthralling language-learning adventure, we encourage you to click‌ the link below and explore the Chinese Breeze Graded Reader Series Level 4 (1100-WORD Level): ⁤Two Red Shirts (Chinese Edition) on Amazon. Immerse yourself ​in the ​pages of ⁣this captivating novel and witness the power ⁤of language to ⁣transport‍ you into a ​world ‍of excitement.

Click⁤ here to discover the Chinese Breeze Graded Reader Series Level ⁤4: Two ⁣Red Shirts on Amazon!

Remember, language learning is⁣ a lifelong journey, and with the Chinese Breeze Graded Reader Series Level 4, you’ll surely find yourself inspired ‍to explore even more Mandarin literature. So why wait? Begin‍ your adventure today and⁤ unlock ⁢the beauty of the Chinese language!

Stay tuned to our blog for more product reviews, language-learning⁤ tips, and captivating content. Happy reading!

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