Exquisite Elibelle Women’s Kimono Robe: A Luxurious Blend of Tradition and Comfort

Exquisite Elibelle Women’s Kimono Robe: A Luxurious Blend of Tradition and Comfort

Welcome to⁣ our product review blog post! Today, we ⁣are excited to share our first-hand experience ‍with the Elibelle Women’s Kimono Robe ​Geisha Yukata Sweet Tuxedo Ruffle Dress Blossom Satin ⁤Bathrobe Sleepwear Fans Tabi Socks set.

From‍ the moment we received this product, we were immediately impressed by its stunning ⁤design and attention to detail. The kimono robe ⁤features a​ classic traditional Japanese style that exudes elegance and sophistication.⁤ The blossom satin material provides a luxurious silky feel and look, making it a pleasure to‍ wear.

One of the standout features of this robe⁣ is its lightweight and airy nature. The⁣ satin fabric is incredibly‌ soft to ⁣the touch,‌ ensuring optimal comfort throughout the day or night. Whether you’re lounging at home, using it as a bathrobe, or wearing it ⁢as a light ‍wrap jacket on warm ‍days, this kimono robe proves to be versatile and practical.

Not only does this robe ​offer exceptional quality, but it ‌also⁢ comes with an array of additional accessories. The set includes⁤ silky ⁤dress held, silk folding fans, hairstick, and tabi socks, adding to‌ the authenticity and charm of the ‌overall look.

Furthermore, we appreciate the range of‍ sizes available, catering to ⁤different body types and heights. Whether you’re petite ‌or taller, there’s a size that will fit you perfectly. The measurements provided‍ in the product description ensured⁣ a proper ‍fit, allowing us to feel confident and comfortable while ‌wearing ⁣it.

Lastly, we couldn’t help‌ but ⁢appreciate ⁢the thoughtfulness behind ⁣this product as a gift ​option. With ⁤its⁤ delightful packaging⁤ and ⁣the added charm of a special Mother’s Day gift, ⁢this set ⁣truly ⁣makes for a ⁣memorable and cherished present.

In conclusion, the Elibelle Women’s Kimono Robe ⁣Geisha Yukata Sweet Tuxedo Ruffle Dress Blossom Satin Bathrobe Sleepwear Fans Tabi Socks ⁤set exceeded our expectations in terms of quality,⁢ comfort, ⁣and overall aesthetic.​ We highly recommend ‍it as a must-have addition to any wardrobe or as ⁢a thoughtful gift for a loved one.

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When ‍it comes to the Elibelle Women’s Kimono Robe Geisha ⁤Yukata Sweet Tuxedo Ruffle Dress Blossom Satin Bathrobe Sleepwear Fans Tabi⁢ Socks set, ⁤we were ⁢blown away by ‍its stunning design and luxurious feel. This kimono robe embodies the classic traditional Japanese style, providing a ​soft and comfortable experience ‌like ⁢no other. The ⁢satin material is ⁢incredibly lightweight‍ and airy, making it a delight ⁢to wear. Whether you’re lounging ‍at‌ home, using it as a bathrobe, or even donning it as a stylish wrap jacket on ‌warmer days, ​this kimono robe offers versatility and‌ comfort ⁤in one package.

The quality of this robe‌ is exceptional, with its smooth and silky⁣ texture that will ‌make you feel⁣ like​ royalty. The intricate details, such⁢ as‌ the⁢ tuxedo ruffle and blossom pattern, add an elegant touch⁤ to the overall design. Plus,⁣ the set includes a pair of tabi socks and fans, adding an extra dose ⁢of authenticity to your attire. This⁢ kimono robe is not only a beautiful addition to your wardrobe⁣ but also a thoughtful gift for special‍ occasions like ‌birthdays or⁢ Mother’s Day. Don’t miss out on experiencing the⁢ comfort ‍and style that this kimono​ robe has to offer. Click here to get your own​ set from [Call to Action] and elevate your loungewear game to a⁢ whole new level.

Design ‌and Material

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In terms of , the Elibelle Women’s Kimono‍ Robe‌ Geisha Yukata Sweet Tuxedo Ruffle Dress Blossom Satin Bathrobe‍ Sleepwear Fans Tabi Socks set truly stands out. The robe features a classic traditional Japanese style, adding a ‌touch of elegance to any occasion. The blossom satin material⁣ gives ⁤it a luxurious and silky feel, making it a pleasure to wear.

The robe is lightweight ​and airy, providing ultimate comfort to the wearer. The satin fabric is soft‌ to the ⁣touch, ensuring a cozy and‍ gentle experience. Whether⁢ you’re wearing it at home ​as a lounge robe‌ or ⁢bathrobe, or using it as a light wrap jacket on warm days, ⁢this kimono robe offers versatility in both style and functionality.

Additionally, the set includes fans and tabi⁤ socks, complementing the‍ overall design and completing the​ traditional‌ Japanese look. The attention to detail in this product is commendable, making it a great addition​ to your wardrobe or a thoughtful gift for a loved one.⁤ If you’re looking for a⁣ beautiful and​ practical kimono robe ⁤set, we highly recommend checking out the Elibelle Women’s‍ Kimono Robe Geisha Yukata Sweet Tuxedo Ruffle Dress Blossom Satin Bathrobe Sleepwear ⁣Fans Tabi Socks set. It’s a ​truly enchanting piece that will elevate ⁤your style and add a‍ touch ⁢of elegance‌ to any occasion. Visit the link below to get your hands on this exquisite set.

Comfort and Fit

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When it comes to , the Elibelle Women’s Kimono Robe Geisha ⁢Yukata Sweet Tuxedo Ruffle⁢ Dress Blossom Satin Bathrobe‌ Sleepwear Fans Tabi Socks ⁢set is absolutely delightful. The robe is available ⁢in various ‌sizes to cater to different body types and heights, ensuring a perfect fit for everyone. Whether you’re petite or ⁤tall, this kimono robe⁣ has got you covered.

The silky smooth fabric of ‍the ⁣robe feels incredibly soft against‌ the skin, providing a luxurious​ and comfortable experience. It is lightweight and airy, allowing for easy movement and breathability. The ⁤satin material ⁤adds a⁢ touch of elegance and enhances the overall comfort factor. No matter how long you wear it, this robe remains comfortable and⁢ doesn’t cause any⁢ irritation or discomfort.

Additionally, the set includes a pair‍ of tabi socks,⁣ adding a cute and ⁤traditional touch to⁢ the overall look. The socks ‌are ​designed to fit comfortably ⁣without slipping or ⁢bunching up. They are perfect for completing the geisha-inspired ensemble.

If you are looking‌ for a comfortable and stylish kimono robe for lounging ‌at home⁢ or ‍dressing up for‌ a special occasion, the Elibelle Women’s Kimono Robe Geisha Yukata Sweet Tuxedo Ruffle Dress Blossom Satin Bathrobe Sleepwear Fans Tabi Socks set is the perfect choice. Its excellent fit and luxurious feel make it ‌a​ must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. Why wait? Treat yourself to this exquisite piece or surprise someone with ‍a unique ⁢and thoughtful gift. Visit Amazon to get⁢ yours today!


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After thoroughly experiencing ‌the Elibelle Women’s Kimono Robe Geisha Yukata Sweet‌ Tuxedo‌ Ruffle Dress Blossom ‍Satin⁣ Bathrobe Sleepwear Fans Tabi Socks​ set, we ‍have some to share ⁣with you. Here ⁤are‌ our thoughts:

  1. Size options: This kimono robe set offers a variety of sizes,‌ including ​Small,⁣ Large, and even a Plus⁣ size option.⁣ Make sure​ to refer to the detailed size chart provided to ensure the perfect fit⁤ for your height⁤ and body ‌measurements.
  2. Comfort is key: The ⁤luxurious silky feel and airy design of this kimono robe make it incredibly comfortable ‌to wear. The satin fabric is soft ⁤to the touch, allowing you to relax and unwind‌ in ​style.
  3. Versatile⁢ use: ⁣ This robe is not just limited to being ​a bathrobe‍ or lounge robe. It can also be worn as ​a light wrap jacket on warmer days. So whether ‌you’re ‌lounging at home, going to a festival, or⁤ attending a birthday party, this kimono robe has got you⁤ covered.
  4. Gift-worthy: Looking for a special gift? This kimono robe set makes for a‍ fantastic Mother’s Day ⁣gift or a ⁢present for ⁣any occasion. Its beautiful design and practicality will surely be appreciated by anyone who receives it.

With its wide range of size⁣ options, comfortable‍ fabric, versatility, and gift-worthy⁢ appeal, the ‍Elibelle Women’s Kimono Robe Geisha Yukata ⁤Sweet Tuxedo ⁣Ruffle ‌Dress Blossom Satin Bathrobe Sleepwear Fans ‌Tabi Socks‍ set has impressed us. If ‌you’re ready to experience the elegance and comfort⁢ it offers, click here to get yours now!

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

As we ⁣analyzed the customer reviews for the Elibelle Women’s Kimono Robe Geisha ⁢Yukata Sweet Tuxedo Ruffle ⁢Dress‌ Blossom Satin Bathrobe ‍Sleepwear Fans Tabi Socks ‌set, we found a​ wide range of positive feedback and a⁢ few‌ minor ⁢concerns. Let’s dive into the details:

1.‌ “This ⁢costume is gorgeous. High quality and ⁣if the pieces are bought separately‌ would cost​ over $100. Good value ⁢for the‌ money!”

This ​review highlights the exceptional quality of the product, noting that its value surpasses the cost when considering the individual pieces. ⁣It showcases the design and‌ craftsmanship.

2. “I am a⁣ curvy pear at 5’8 and ordered a small. It looked and⁤ fit great. I​ got lots of complements. I would have ⁤paid more for this.”

This customer emphasizes‌ the‌ flattering ⁢fit of ‌the kimono robe, specifically mentioning​ the suitability for curvy body types. The reviewer also mentions that the compliments received further validate the robe’s attractiveness.

3. “I absolutely 💯 adored this !! A must buy ..🇯🇵🏯🎌”

This review expresses the reviewer’s absolute adoration for the kimono robe set, adding enthusiasm through emojis that signify love and appreciation. The accompanying flags indicate the admiration for Japanese culture and tradition.

4. “I liked that it‍ came like it was supposed to, but ⁢it didn’t come ​with the socks, so I ⁣guess that was the only thing that was missing. Other than that,‌ it⁢ is a good product to buy😇”

The customer acknowledges ⁣that the product arrived as expected, but mentions the absence of the socks. However, they still consider it to be a good purchase overall.

5. “Got this for ‍an event. Very comfortable!”

This review focuses on the ⁢comfort of the kimono robe set, highlighting that it was suitable for‌ the event it ⁢was purchased ​for.

6.⁣ “Absolutely loved⁤ the details and colors, was a little ⁣disappointed by the fan. It was wooden, ⁣a little stiff to open, and worried about tearing since Halloween was rainy.”

The reviewer expresses admiration for ‍the intricate details and vibrant colors of the kimono robe‍ while mentioning ⁢slight disappointment with the‍ wooden fan’s​ functionality and durability in damp weather conditions.

7. ​”I needed this for a party. It got the job done.”

This customer states that‌ the kimono robe set successfully fulfilled its purpose,⁢ which was to be worn at a party.

8. “Depending on your weight, it’s okay ⁣to go down a size. I​ didn’t‌ get ​it bigger than my size, which was‌ an L, but I could have done ‍a M. Either way, it still fit good‍ because you tie it ⁤close.”

This⁤ review provides useful sizing information for potential buyers, mentioning ​that due​ to the adjustable tie closure, it⁣ is possible to choose a slightly smaller size if desired.

9. “ma fille l’adore”

This short and simple ‌review in French translates to “my daughter​ adores it.” It ‌reflects the satisfaction of⁣ the reviewer’s daughter with the kimono robe set.

10. “Nos​ fascinó fue⁢ más ‍de lo que ‌esperábamos hicimos una excelente compra”

This Spanish review translates to “We were fascinated; it⁢ was more than we ‌expected. We made an excellent‍ purchase.” The review indicates⁤ that the product exceeded their expectations, and they are satisfied⁣ with their⁤ decision to buy it.

11. “Es un hermoso disfraz ⁤de tela de buena calidad, aunque hay que tomar en cuenta que ⁤es⁢ una tela ⁣ligera, no apta para climas fríos. La talla grande me quedó perfecta, eso que soy una mujer alta y un poco rellenita. Viene con todos los ⁢complementos que se prometen, son muy bonitos, solo⁤ hay que ⁤tener cuidado con el abanico ya que⁣ es ⁤muy frágil.”

This elaborate review in Spanish translates to‍ “It⁢ is a beautiful costume made of good⁣ quality fabric, although it ⁢should be noted that it is ​a light fabric, not suitable⁣ for cold climates. The large size fit me perfectly,‌ even though I am a tall and slightly curvy woman. It comes with all the promised⁣ accessories, ‌which ​are very lovely.⁤ However,​ one must be⁤ careful ‌with the fan as it is very fragile.” This ⁣review provides comprehensive insights on the fabric, sizing, included accessories, and⁣ a ‌cautionary note about the fan.

Overall, the majority of customers expressed high satisfaction with the Elibelle Women’s Kimono Robe Geisha Yukata Sweet Tuxedo Ruffle Dress Blossom Satin Bathrobe Sleepwear Fans Tabi Socks set. Customers ‍were impressed by its ‌quality, design, fit, comfort, and the included ‍accessories. While a few customers mentioned minor issues such‌ as⁢ missing socks or‍ concerns about ⁣certain parts, they still considered the product​ to be a good purchase. We believe that this kimono robe set‍ offers an exquisite⁢ blend of tradition and comfort, making it a fantastic choice for those seeking a touch of luxury.

Pros ‍& ​Cons

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  1. The Elibelle Women’s Kimono Robe offers a luxurious blend of ‍tradition and comfort.
  2. The robe is made of high-quality satin ⁢material that provides a ⁤soft, silky feel and look.
  3. It is lightweight and airy,⁣ making it comfortable ⁤to wear.
  4. The kimono robe comes‍ in various sizes⁢ to accommodate⁢ different body types.
  5. It can be​ worn as a lounge⁢ robe or ⁤bathrobe, perfect for relaxing at ⁢home.
  6. The robe can also be used as ​a light wrap jacket on warm days.
  7. It features a beautiful and elegant design inspired by traditional Japanese kimono ⁣robes.
  8. The package includes additional accessories such as folding fans, hairsticks, and tabi socks,⁢ enhancing the overall ​experience.
  9. This‍ kimono ⁢robe makes for a thoughtful and special Mother’s Day ​gift.


  1. Some ‌customers may find the sizing to be inconsistent ‌or inaccurate, so it’s important to refer‌ to the provided size chart before purchasing.
  2. The robe may not be suitable for individuals who prefer more fitted clothing styles.
  3. The material may⁤ require delicate care and washing, which ⁣could be inconvenient for some users.
  4. While the kimono robe offers a ‌luxurious experience, it may ⁤be considered a⁤ bit pricey compared to other sleepwear options on the market.
  5. The design may not appeal to those who prefer modern or minimalist styles.


Q: What are the available sizes for the Elibelle Women’s Kimono Robe?

A: The Elibelle Women’s Kimono Robe is​ available in three sizes. ‌Size S ​has a⁣ bust measurement of ⁢41.7 inches and a waist measurement of 41.5 inches. The length is 55.1 inches, shoulder width is⁢ 18.8 inches,⁣ and sleeve length is 19.6 inches. This size is suitable for individuals with a height between 5’2″ and 5’9″. Size L has a bust measurement of⁢ 50.3 inches and a waist measurement of 50.3 inches. ‍The length ‍is 56.7​ inches, shoulder width is 21.6 inches, ‍and sleeve length is 20.0 inches.⁢ This⁢ size is suitable for‍ individuals⁢ with a ⁤height between 5’5″ and 6’2″. Additionally,⁤ there is a plus size option (Tag 5XL) with a bust‍ measurement of 59.0 inches and a waist measurement of⁤ 59.0 inches. The length is 58.3 inches, ‍shoulder width is 24.4 ​inches, and sleeve length is 20.5 inches. This plus size ‌is ⁤recommended for ⁣individuals with a height between 5’6″ and 6’8″.

Q: What is the material of‍ the Elibelle Women’s ‌Kimono Robe?

A:⁢ The Elibelle⁤ Women’s Kimono Robe is made of a luxurious⁤ satin material. It has a silky feel and appearance, providing ⁤a ⁣soft and comfortable experience. The robe is lightweight ⁤and⁤ airy, making‌ it pleasant to wear.

Q: Can the Elibelle Women’s ⁤Kimono Robe be used​ for cosplay or costume purposes?

A: Yes, the Elibelle Women’s Kimono Robe is suitable for ⁢cosplay or costume purposes, especially for those interested in Japanese traditional ⁤attire. ‍Its classic kimono‌ style and ruffle details‌ make it a great⁤ choice for various⁢ occasions, such as parties, festivals, ⁢or⁣ even birthday celebrations.

Q: Is the Elibelle Women’s⁤ Kimono Robe versatile?

A: Absolutely! The Elibelle Women’s ‍Kimono Robe offers great value as it can be used in multiple ways. It serves as a comfortable loungewear robe or bathrobe to relax in at home. Additionally, it can be worn as a light wrap jacket on warm days, adding a⁤ touch of elegance to ⁣your outfit.

Q: Is the Elibelle Women’s Kimono Robe a suitable gift option?

A: Yes, the Elibelle Women’s Kimono Robe makes for a⁢ lovely and practical gift. Whether it’s ⁤for a special occasion like Mother’s Day or any other celebration, this robe is sure ⁢to be appreciated. It’s a ⁤thoughtful gift that anyone would love to receive.

Please note that ‌the product information provided is based on the details available at the time​ of writing this blog post. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, we recommend checking ⁤the product listing on ⁣the seller’s‍ website.

Unlock Your ⁢Potential

And⁤ that concludes our review of⁤ the exquisite Elibelle Women’s ⁣Kimono Robe: A Luxurious Blend‍ of Tradition and ‌Comfort. With its stunning design and comfortable ⁣fit, this kimono robe truly embodies the essence of Japanese tradition.

Featuring a range‍ of⁤ sizes to accommodate different body types, this ⁤robe ensures‍ a⁤ perfect ⁣fit for everyone. From the small to the plus size,‍ every woman can ⁢indulge in‍ the luxurious feel of the silky satin material against their skin. The measurements provided guarantee a flattering look, ⁢making you feel confident and beautiful.

Whether you’re lounging ‍at ‍home or attending a special occasion, this ‍kimono robe is incredibly ‍versatile. ⁤Its lightweight and airy qualities make it ideal for warm days, ‌while the softness of the ⁢fabric ensures ultimate comfort. You can even wear it as a fashionable wrap jacket, adding a⁤ touch of elegance to any outfit.

Made with attention to detail and a commitment ⁤to quality,​ this ⁢robe offers ‌exceptional value for its price.‍ Its silky texture and intricate design make ‍for a truly luxurious experience.‍ And with its beautiful packaging, it also makes for⁣ a ⁤fantastic gift ‌option.

So why wait? Treat yourself or ‌a loved ‌one to this stunning Elibelle Women’s Kimono Robe now! Click⁢ on⁣ the link​ below to purchase it on Amazon:

Purchase here

It’s time to embrace the charm of Japanese tradition and indulge in the‍ utmost comfort. Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind kimono ⁣robe that effortlessly blends elegance and relaxation.

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